Hilary Duff At Miley Cyrus Bangerz Concert

BhIviSXIUAAZux8Seems like Jake Miller and Katy Perry  aren’t the only ones to make their way to one of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour concerts last night, February 22nd! Hilary Duff got herself out there to the concert taking a tongue-out selfie with Marcus Francis, only to be photobombed by someone named Brittany (who is mentioned in the tweet)! What a great pic, guys! Hope you had a grand time at the concert!

Sarah Gilman: The Wolf Pack


Sarah Gilman posted a sweet-looking, smiled-filled group shot on Instagram of herself along with a couple friends and the cast of I Didn’t Do It during an outing. She calls it “The Wolf Pack” which is awesome! Fantastic shot, guys! But only one question: Who is that person in the background playing Peek-a-Boo? Looks like they were photobombed! Now that’s funny!

Remember to catch Disney’s I Didn’t Do It airing Sundays at 8:30 p.m. only on Disney Channel!

Miley Cyrus’ Favorite From Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Party


Miley attended Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party last night with her mother and sister, and the trio looked stunning — especially Miles who wore a lavender fur coat over a simple white satin slip dress. The mega pop star tweeted a picture of herself with R&B songstress Kelis with the caption, “my fav pic of the night/possibly ever. @iamkelis“.

In a night where she posed for “hundreds” of pictures, she chose the picture that was taken of her and R&B songstress Kelis as her favorite. Miley had a number of memorable moments to choose from last night —  including her performance, the “girls night out” with her mother and sister, and my favorite — the photobombing of Lorde. The picture of the two singers was definitely a great one, and we can see why she chose it as her favorite — I just thought she would’ve chosen the photobomb picture given her sarcastic humor and love of laughter.

Check out Miley’s photobombing of Lorde and her favorite picture from last night’s Pre-Grammy party.


Lauren North And Sarah Gilman’s Birthday Smiles! @laurennorth3 @sarahbgilman @austinnorth55

06e861f8809711e3824c1222ecad2ed2_8Birthdays are fun. Especially ones you are able to share with friends and family. Lauren North, just a short while ago, posted this pretty pic on Instagram of both her and birthday girl, Sarah Gilman, who is 18 today, smiling up a storm! She tweets:

Those smiles of theirs are certainly bright and beautiful! Happy birthday, Sarah! And…wait a second! Is that Austin North photobombing?

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift At Golden Globes! @taylorswift @ImJenLawrence

rs_560x415-140112164301-1024.Jennifer-Lawrence-Taylor-Swift-Ryan-Seacrest-Globes.jl.011214_copyShortly before the Golden Globes were to begin, Jennifer Lawrence, star of American Hustle and the Hunger Games, crept up hilariously onto the platform where Taylor Swift was being interviewed by E!, as you can tell in the photo above.

Jennifer arrived onto the platform and jokes, “I was going to come in and push you down the stairs. I was like, she’ll crack up. She would really love that.”

And Taylor just replied, “That’s so funny.”

If that happened, would she still think it’s funny? Tell us what you think of this real funny photobomb!

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