Rachel Crow & Christine Grimmie Take Home Peta2 Awards — Details Here!!


The Voice finalist Christina Grimmie and The X Factor finalist Rachel Crow will each take home an award in the ninth annual Libby Awards from peta2, PETA’s youth division.

“Today’s young people are connected and engaged with causes that matter to them, and Rachel Crow and Christina Grimmie are both star examples,” says PETA Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns Marta Holmberg.

This year’s award for Best peta2 Ad goes to Rachel Crow, who gave competitors a run for their money with her heartwarming “Adopt—Don’t Buy” ad featuring adorable rescued mutt Pixel.

Best Voice for Animals was nabbed by Christina Grimmie, who starred in a heartfelt video spot about why every dog deserves attention, affection, and a loving home.

We love how the stars are spreading their love for animals and we hope that during this holiday season families join in and adopt!

Christina Grimmie, The Ready Set & Others Up For Peta2’s Libby Awards!

grimmieWhat do The Ready Set and Christina Grimmie have in common? They’re not just making beautiful pop music—they’re also making the world a better place for animals and battling it out for a Libby Award from peta2, PETA’s youth division. Now in its ninth year, the Libby Awards (“Libby” is for “liberation,” as in animal liberation) includes a record 26 categories, which run the gamut from Best Use of Internet Stardom for Animals to Best Vegan Makeover to Best New Vegan Food Item. Visitors to peta2.com can cast their votes to help peta2 decide whom it should choose as the Libby Award winners and enter for a chance to win a giant Libby prize pack filled with goodies from last year’s winners, including a cookbook, personal-care products, and vegan treats.

Many of this year’s music nominees teamed up with peta2 for ad campaigns that encourage everyone to save a life by adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter. These nominees include The Ready Set, who may take home the award for Most Animal-Friendly Band; The Voice finalist Grimmie, who faces tough competition from fellow pop singer Madison Beer in the Best Voice for Animals category; and X Factor finalist Rachel Crow, who may win the award for Best peta2 Ad.

“Today’s young people want their favorite musicians and other celebrities to care about animals as much as they do,” says PETA Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns Marta Holmberg. “All of peta2’s nominees are winners because they’re taking a stand for their beliefs and inspiring kids to do the same.”

Voting ends on December 12 at 12 p.m. EST. Libby Award winners will be chosen by peta2—whose motto reads, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way”—based on several factors, including vote count, and will be announced on December 16. See the full contest details here.

For more information and to cast your vote to help peta2 decide whom it should choose as Libby Award winners, please visit peta2.com or click here.

VIDEO: Daniella Monet Shows Off Her Vegan Shopping Haul — Watch Here!

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.30.40 PM

Wool-free mittens and caps, leather-free boots, and angora-free fuzzy sweaters … it’s beginning to feel a lot like a vegan Christmas! Nickelodeon star Daniella Monet stars in an exclusive new shopping haul video for peta2, showing you how to shop for animal free clothes!

In the video, Monet shows off her vegan shopping haul from Forever 21, including warm wool- and angora-free sweaters, a stylish faux-leather skirt, and a durable leather-free purse. “They’re just fun, cute outfits that are also nice to animals,” Monet says. She advises young shoppers to become label readers and avoid anything with wool, cashmere, angora, mohair, and down.


Why is Monet careful about reading clothing labels? On angora rabbit farms, workers often tie rabbits down and violently rip the fur out of their skin by the fistful as the animals scream in pain. Ducks and geese used for down have their feathers yanked out while they’re fully conscious. Cows killed for leather are hung upside down and have their throats slit. On fur farms, minks, rabbits, raccoons, and even dogs and cats are often beaten, drowned, or electrocuted, and sometimes they’re even skinned alive.


Fortunately, cruelty-free clothing and accessories are widely available from a wide variety of retailers, including Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Limited Brands, H&M, and Gap Inc. peta2—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear”—offers numerous fashion tips and features on its website. Remember to shop for vegan clothes, and never support animal cruelty by purchasing non-vegan clothing!

Watch the Forever 21 vegan shopping haul starring Daniella below!

Ariana Grande And Andy Hurley Crowned peta2’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities Of 2014

Ariana Grande ELLE Girl Japan June 2014 (4)


Musicians Take Home Top Honors, With Megan Massacre and Travis Barker as Runners-Up

Los Angeles — They both have hit songs on the charts and their vegan charm has made them a hit with peta2, PETA’s youth division: Pop superstar Ariana Grande and Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley have just been crowned peta2’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2014.

“Problem” and “Break Free” singer Grande snagged the title over tough competitors, including Ellie Goulding, Ellen Page, and Carrie Underwood, among others. Pop-punk drummer Hurley triumphed over No Doubt’s Tony Kanal and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus as well as Thomas Dekker, Jason Mraz, and more.

Grande went vegan after watching Forks Over Knives, from which she learned how unhealthy cow’s milk is for humans, and now that she knows more about the meat industry, she’s quick to point out on Twitter that factory farms are “beyond horrifying … shocking, disgusting, and heartbreaking.”

Hurley, a vegan since the age of 16, credits the hardcore music scene with first exposing him to the horrifying conditions of factory farms and inspiring him to embrace the “ethical concept” and make the ethical “choice and decision” to go vegan—part of his overarching desire to make the world a better place. “When you realize that you can change yourself in such hugely important ways,” he says, “you start to realize, what can’t you change?” After going vegan, Hurley went from being a vegetable-hating kid to the health-conscious, fitness-minded musician he is today.

This year’s runners-up are America’s Worst Tattoos star Megan Massacre—a longtime peta2 collaborator who says, “It makes me feel good knowing that I can enjoy food just as much as the next person but I didn’t have to kill an animal to eat it”—and Blink-182’s Travis Barker, who states, “It’s 2014, we have so many other delicious options without having to hurt any animals.”

peta2—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”—previously awarded the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity to such stars as Zendaya, The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness, Kristen Bell, Davey Havok, Gabe Saporta, and Christofer Drew, among others.

For more information, please visit peta2.com or click here.

Photo Credits: Elle Girl Japan Magazine


Ariana Grande, Thomas Dekker – Who Will Be Named peta2’s ‘Sexiest Vegetarian’?


Hollywood is packed with hot young stars whose compassion for animals and concern for their health or the environment prompted them to go vegetarian or vegan—but who are the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2014? That’s what peta2, PETA’s youth division, hopes to determine with this year’s edition of its annual contest, now live at peta2.com. The nominees are more varied than ever, with indie rockers, Disney stars, punk icons, Oscar winners, pro athletes, and others all up for the title. The winners—one male and one female—will be announced on August 25.

This year’s winners could be musicians, such as Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley, or Travis Barker. Television stars Ashley Argota, Christian Serratos,Daniella Monet, Thomas Dekker, Renee Olstead, or Zendaya could take home the honors—or Cupcake Wars champion Chloe Coscarelli‘s vegan baking expertise might help her rise to the top.

Many of these meat-free stars went vegetarian out of concern for animals, as Dekker did when he was just 12 years old. “When I was about eight years old, I stumbled on a pig factory,” he told Vegetarian Times magazine in 2009. “After seeing what went on there, I immediately gave up all pig products. Then, four years later, I asked … ‘Why am I not eating pigs, but still eating other animals?’ So at that point I gave it all up.” Others were inspired to improve their health—Grande, for instance, went vegan after watching Forks Over Knives and learning about how unhealthy cow’s milk is.

Other nominees include Jared Leto and Ellen Page—whom PETA named the sexiest male and female, respectively, vegan celebrities for 2014—as well as musicians Juanes and Grimes, Entertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz, and mixed martial arts fighter Akira Corassani, among others.

The 2014 winners will succeed last year’s champions—Zendaya and The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness—and join the ranks of previous winners Kristen Bell, Renee Olstead, Davey Havok, Gabe Saporta, Christofer Drew, and Olivia Wilde, among others.

Voting to help peta2 pick who it should name as the winners ends on August 22. Winners will be chosen by peta2 based on several factors, including vote count, and announced on August 25. For more information, please visit peta2.com.


Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri Wants You To ‘Celebrate Diversity’ By Adopting




PETA Crowns Nina Davuluri Spokesperson for ‘Adoption Saves Lives’ Campaign

Reigning Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri has won widespread acclaim for her beauty, talent, and grace under fire—and now, the dancer and aspiring physician is teaming up with PETA for a brand-new ad that features her hugging a rescued Indian “street dog” next to the words “Celebrate Diversity—Adopt a Mutt!” The new ad, available here, was shot on the beach in Malibu by celebrity photographer Jack Guy.

In an exclusive video interview with PETA, Davuluri opens up about her own experience with adopted mutts. “I have Hanuman, and he is 13 years old. And he is half retriever, half question mark,” she says. “I would really like people to know that every time they purchase an animal from a breeder, an animal is also losing their home—a rescue animal is losing their home.”

That’s why Davuluri, whose pageant platform is “Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency,” encourages people to adopt dogs and cats—after, of course, making sure that they’re prepared to commit to caring for an animal. “Having an animal is a full-time job,” she says. “It really is a huge responsibility—not only feeding them and walking them, playing with them, making sure that they’re healthy, taking them to the veterinarian. It’s just really important that they understand that it is a very large responsibility.”

Every year, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters, and half of them have to be euthanized because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them. In addition to adopting, families can help fight the homeless animal overpopulation crisis by making sure to have their animals spayed or neutered.

Davuluri joins a long list of celebrities—including Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Munn, Penélope Cruz, Edie Falco, Elisabetta Canalis, Maggie Q, and Eva Mendes—who have teamed up with PETA to promote kindness to animals.

For more information, please visit PETA.org.


‘Teen Wolf’ Star Holland Roden Speaks Up For Homeless Dogs In New peta2 Video


Who’s Holland Roden’s Best Friend? Her Adopted Dog, Fievel

 Teen Wolf star Holland Roden is used to working with furry, four-legged costars—but that’s no werewolf in her new video for peta2, PETA’s youth division: It’s her adopted dog, Fievel! In the video, which debuted on peta2.com hot on the heels of Teen Wolf‘s season premiere, Roden opens up about how Fievel joined her family, the importance of spaying and neutering, and more.

“Once we started season two of Teen Wolf … I started looking for my Fievel,” she explains. “She’s a force to be reckoned with, and I love her every day. It’s such an incredible joy. It completely changes your life—having a dog—in the best of ways.”

Roden is quick to point out the bigger picture, too. “It’s something like 4 million [homeless dogs and cats] are euthanized every year, which I believe is about half of the amount of dogs and cats in shelters,” she says. “If you look at those statistics and you look at those stories, you don’t think twice about spaying or neutering your dog.”

Spaying and neutering doesn’t just help fight the companion animal overpopulation crisis. Sterilized animals live longer and happier lives, are less likely to develop cancer of the reproductive system, and, in the case of neutered males, are less likely to roam or fight.

Roden is part of a long list of actors, musicians, and other celebrities—including Kellan LutzLea Michele, Christian Serratos, Ke$ha, Christina Grimmie,Daniella MonetSarah Hyland, and P!nk—who have teamed up with peta2 to promote animal protection.

Check out Holland’s peta2 video below:

For more information, please visit peta2.com or click here.


Rachel Crow Wants You to Adopt Dogs & Cats!


When Rachel Crow made her national debut as one of the youngest finalists on the first season of The X Factor, she was open about her childhood adoption story—and now that her powerful voice is hitting theaters around the world in Rio 2, Crow was eager to team up with peta2, PETA’s youth division, to encourage a different kind of adoption: giving a home to dogs and cats from animal shelters. In a brand-new peta2 ad, available here, she appears hugging canine pal Pixel next to the words “Adopt—Don’t Buy. Everyone Deserves a Chance.”

In an exclusive video interview with peta2, Crow talks about how her grandmother—an animal control officer—always encouraged her family to have  their dogs and catsspayed or neutered and to steer clear of pet shops, where the puppies for sale often come from cruel and severely crowded puppy mills, which Crow calls “horrible places.” And that’s just one of the many reasons to adopt and never buy. “There are a lot of other dogs in the world that need a home,” she says. “You’re giving the dog a second chance, and I’m big on second chances.”

Six to 8 million cats and dogs end up in U.S. animal shelters every year, and roughly half of them have to be euthanized because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them. For every puppy or kitten purchased from a breeder or pet store, a dog or cat in an animal shelter loses his or her chance of finding a home. The best way to help dogs and cats is to adopt and never buy—and, of course, always to spay and neuter.

Crow joins a growing list of celebrities—including Lea Michele, Kellan Lutz, P!nk, Cody Simpson, Daniella Monet, Sierra McCormick, China Anne McClain, and Ke$ha—who have teamed up with peta2 to help animals.

‘Voice’ Finalist Christina Grimmie Says, Act ‘With Love ‘ And Adopt — Never Buy Dogs


YouTube’s Favorite Pianist and Singer-Songwriter Stars in

Exclusive New Video for peta2

The With Love chanteuse also sat down for an exclusive video interview in which she shares Chloe’s story and stresses why adoption is so important. “I love my dog so much, and she’s like my best friend,” Grimmie says. “I feel like when you adopt an animal, it’s kind of like you’re saving them. … I would so much rather rescue a dog than just buy one.”

Not all animals are as lucky as Chloe was: Every year in the U.S., 6 to 8 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters, and more than half of them must be euthanized because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every dog or cat purchased from a pet store or breeder takes a home away from an adoptable animal—meaning that one more animal in a shelter will die.

Grimmie also addresses how essential it is to be sure that you can take care of your new best friend before you decide to adopt. “It’s very important to love your animal, feed your animal, but if you don’t have that time and responsibility to do so, then I wouldn’t get one,” she says. “You just gotta know what you’re about to handle.”

Grimmie joins a growing list of celebrities—including Daniella MonetChristian SerratosJustin BieberP!nkMadison BeerCody Simpson, and Glee‘s Lea Michele—who have teamed up with peta2 to help animals.

Keltie Knight Says, ‘If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur’


Dancer and Insider Correspondent’s PETA Campaign Gives the Inside Scoop on Why Fur Belongs on Animals—Not in Your Wardrobe

Cuddling with her adorable rescued dog, Hobo, Insider correspondent Keltie Knight stars in a brand-new ad for peta2, PETA’s youth division, that requests, “If You Wouldn’t Wear Your Dog, Please Don’t Wear Any Fur.” The ad, which was shot by top photographer Jonathan Weiner and is available here, goes on to point out, “The only difference between our ‘best friends’ and animals killed for their fur is how we treat them.”

In an exclusive interview with peta2, Knight—who also stars in a more provocative “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” PETA ad, which debuted Friday night on The Insider—opens up about why she decided to bare it all for PETA’s iconic campaign. “It’s something that I would never normally do, but having the platform of being on The Insider, I’m able to really draw attention to the good work that PETA’s doing,” she says. “It’s millions of eyeballs that are going to sit down for dinner that night when our show airs and be able to really think about the choices that they’re making.”

And Knight hopes that viewers will choose not to wear fur. “It’s the simplest step that everyone can take,” she says. “It is gruesome and ugly and horrible what these animals go through, and I think if anyone educated themselves, they wouldn’t wear it.”

Every year, millions of raccoons, foxes, minks, rabbits, and even dogs and cats are caged, bludgeoned, electrocuted, and skinned alive for their fur. Fortunately, many top designers and retailers—including Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, J.Crew, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal—are 100 percent fur-free.

In her interview, Knight—who performed around the world as part of the Rockettes and as a back-up dancer for Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and others—also opens up about why she went vegan, her efforts to shop cruelty-free, and more.

She joins a growing list of celebrities—including P!nk, Lea Michele, Olivia Munn, Christian Serratos, and Megan Park—who have starred in peta2’s anti-fur campaigns.

For more information, please visit peta2.com or click here.

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