Miley Cyrus Is Alive, Well, And Getting Racy!! – Photo Here!

Miley Cyrus put the horrible internet death hoax rumors to bed the other day as she took to Instagram to show the world that not only is she happily alive and well, she’s just being Miley!

Miley posted the above photo of her minus a shirt out in the desert, because let’s face it, it’s super hot in Cali and who better to pull off this look than miss Miley?!

We’re glad to see that Miley is doing well and enjoying her summer. Stay cool Miley!

Selena Gomez Explains Her Views On The Current Conflict In Gaza

Selena Gomez recently found herself in a bit of controversy when she posted her views on the current conflict in Gaza. Selena took to her Instagram recently and posted a photo saying to “Pray For Gaza”. Some fans began tweeting her saying that they would unfollow because of her post and taking sides.

Selena quickly let her fans know that she wasn’t taking sides, only saying her opinion by posting a second photo of herself meditating on the beach saying, “And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!”

We think that Selena handled the situation with class while still allowing her voice to be heard. What do you think of celebrities posting their views on politics? For or against? Let us know in the comments below!

Cody Simpson: What’s Your Lead In Peacemaking?

cody simpsonA short time ago, we told you of Cody Simpson being a Celebrity Ambassador for the Peace First Prize. Now, Cody once again is urging your participation in such a campaign. “Do you take the lead in peacemaking?” He asks on his Twitter. If so, tell Peace First about it. You can apply for the $25,000 Peace First Prize.

You are only able to do this until March 17th,  so head over there ( and tell them your story. Good luck!

Jake Miller: Peace!

be4cd392938411e3a8f3123daafffadd_8Jake Miller was heading back to the studio for another go working on his new music this evening, giving his ‘Peace, I’m out’ impression in the new Instagram pic. It seems he’ll be working closely with record producer and songwriter Jonathan Rotem this week as well.

We know that Jake will bring out great new works with all the time spent in the studio with these different amazing people. Good luck, Jake, and continue to work hard!

Selena Gomez Retreats for Peace–More Info!!


Another star enters rehab but not for the reason you think. Selena Gomez decided it was time for a break from her hectic schedule and checked into Arizona’s The Meadows rehab facility last month.

The starlet entered rehab for some rest and therapy. Her rep confirmed, “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse.” The program Selena was involved with is called the DAWN program which focuses on individuals 18-26 years in age who have a dependency on substances, experience trauma, family troubles, mental health, and preventing relapse.

Selena completed her two week treatment last month.

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