VIDEO: So Funny! AwesomenessTV Presents “50 Shades Of Bae”, A Parody!

baeWe’re sure you’ve heard of the book and film called Fifty Shades Of Grey. But what about Fifty Shades Of Bae?

In an amazing spoof from AwesomenessTV, Meg DeAngelis and Beau Brooks parody the hot new film of the year, creating a trailer that dives into the world of crazy relationships. While Beau seems delighted by his Bae’s tastes, he learns there are many shades to a relationship, but come on now! Isn’t one shade of crazy enough?

Check out this funny spoof trailer below and let us know what you think!

Lucas Grabeel Stars In “Drown The Alarm” Parody Video


Lucas Grabeel stars in a recently released, hilarious parody video with a great message behind it. “Drown The Alarm” (a parody of Nicki Minaj’s “Pound The Alarm”) is a comedic look at climate change deniers.

The video’s release came just in time for Earth Day yesterday and it is already a hit with stars such as Ashley Tisdale, Nina Dobrev, Corbin Bleu, and more!

Check out the video below and click HERE to learn the lyrics and sing along!

Zac Efron Parodies His Broken Jaw!

zacIn a promotion for the teen star’s new movie role, That Awkward Moment, Zac Efron makes fun of his broken jaw. The actors justify the incident in the trailer.

“Zac was at home with a girl, giving her the worst sexual experience of her life. But she was getting into it, until she realized that you were finished.

“And this girl’s pent up sexual energy, that you failed to satisfy, made her angry. So angry that she picked up a book, a heavy book, and slammed it right into your beautiful face.”

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