Disney Channel Stars Getting Original Movies — Details Here!!


It has been announced by Disney that four of their stars from their networks will be starring in a Disney Channel Original movie.

The stars getting their own movie on the network will be Rowan Blanchard in a movie titled “Invisible Sister” alongside Paris Berlec. Meanwhile Sabrina Carpenter will team up with Sofia Carson in “Adventures In Babysitting” remake.

Production is scheduled to start on these movies in spring when the Disney shows “Girl Meets World” and “Mighty Med” goes on hiatus. They are up for release either in the fall of 2015 or early in 2016.

Adam Bonnett, Executive Vice President, Original Programming, Disney Channels Worldwide, said, “We know these four young actresses all have the potential for extraordinary careers, and we’re excited to give them new opportunities to showcase their talents. We’re especially proud of Rowan and Sabrina, as they have helped drive the success of our hit series ‘Girl Meets World.'” He continued, “These new movies bring our viewers comedic and heartfelt stories that the entire family can enjoy together, and I’m particularly thrilled to introduce a new take on a personal favorite ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ to a whole new generation.”

This is exciting news and we congratulate these ladies on getting a DCOM. We can’t wait to see both movies. What are your thoughts?

A Special Happy Birthday To Paris Berelc!

B6C_pygCEAIvQP-.jpg largeTeeninfonet would like to wish Paris Berelc,  the star of the Disney Channel’s ‘Mighty Med‘ a very happy birthday! If you would like to wish Ms. Paris a Happy Birthday go to her aTwitter page.

Get Ready For The 1-hour Season Premiere Of ‘Mighty Med’ — Sneak Peeks!!


MIGHTY MED – “How the Mighty Med Have Fallen Part 1 & Part 2” – Picking up right where we left off, Kaz and Oliver are trapped in the ER by an evil Skylar and the Annihilator. The two villains plan to take over the hospital, and eventually, the world. This episode of “Mighty Med” will air Monday, October 20 (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET/PT), on DisneyXD.

Paris Berelc Shares Behind The Scenes Video From Set Of Season 1 Finale Of ‘Mighty Med’


Last night (September 15) was the season finale of the first season of DisneyXD’s Mighty Med. The finale sure was full of a lot of action especially from Disney star, Paris Berelc. Paris, who plays Skylar, shared an awesome behind the scenes video on Instagram of her taking down the Annihilator. It is even slowed down for us for some nice slow-motion footage. Along with the behind the scenes video, Paris wrote:

“What did you guys think of the season finale? Here’s some behind the scenes footage of me fighting the Annihilator⚡️”

Paris also continued her excitement about the finale by tweeting:

“Who watched #MightyMedSeasonFinale? Let me know what you think. Can’t wait for you guys to see the season 2 premiere on Oct 20!”

Be sure to check out the awesome behind the scenes video by watching it below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Kaz Breaks Into A Digital Jail On All New ‘Mighty Med’–Sneak Peek Clip!!



Monday, June 30
Mighty Med “Free Wi-Fi”
(8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)

Kaz searches for a flash drive, thinking it contains Oliver’s study guide for a test, but it turns out to be a digital jail storing a villain named Wi-Fi. When Kaz plugs the drive into his laptop, Wi-Fi enters the physical world and simultaneously pulls Kaz into the computer.

All New ‘Mighty Med’ Coming Your Way–Sneak Peek Pics + Video!!


MIGHTY MED – “Guitar Superhero” – When a freak accident suddenly gives edgy rock star Jade super powers, Oliver and Kaz take her under their wings and introduce her to the world of Mighty Med. Debby Ryan guest stars. This new episode of “Mighty Med” airs Monday, June 23 (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT), on Disney XD.


Disney Stars Zach Callison, Ryan Ochoa, Kenton Duty, and Paris Berelc Were Celebrity Guest Readers At A Local Elementary School In Anaheim

Zach Callison and fellow Disney Celebs, Paris Berelc, Ryan Ochoa and Kenton Duty took part this week in the Celebrity Book Reading at Rio Vista Elementary School in Anaheim.  Paris Berelc ( Mighty Med), Ryan Ochoa,( I’Carly, Pair of Kings) Zach Callison( Sophie’s First), and Kenton Duty (Shake it Up) all enjoyed reading to the kids and motivating them all to keep reading.
Who better to instill this in the students and show them that the magic of books!The schools top readers, who earned this reward for their hard work and great reading during the year were rewarded by attending this special Celebrity Reading.

Follow all of the Disney stars on Twitter: @zachcallison @ryanochoa @kentonJduty @parisberelc


Paris Berelc Is Stunning At The 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards


Mighty Med’s actress Paris Berelc stepped on to the red carpet in a two piece outfit for the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards. She looked beautiful in her yellow cropped lace top and high-waisted skirt. The teen star set her outfit off with a pair of FIERCE metallic strapped heels. She tweeted, “Had so much fun at the #RDMA‘s! Thanks@jennysphotobooth for putting this awesome look together. Love this @topshop ensemble.”

The award show that took place yesterday (Saturday, April 26, 2014) at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, California, but its airing tonight as we speak on the Disney Channel. WATCH NOW!

Paris Berelc’s Getting Ready For The RDMAs!

paris berelcParis Berelc’s already getting herself dolled up for the RDMAs, showing a picture in mid-glam transformation. She’s excited for the RDMAs and so are we. We can’t wait to see how her final appearance turns out!

Sweety High: Paris Berelc Chats Mighty Med And Super Powers!


Sweety High recently spoke with Paris about her role on the brand new show, stunts and gymnastics and being a strong female!

Paris Berelc is the 15-year-old actress who plays Skylar Storm on the new DisneyXD original series, Mighty Med!

Mighty Med is Paris Berelc’s first foray into acting onscreen.

“I’ve been acting since I was 12,” she said. “At first I started with modeling, but I always knew I wanted to do more than just take pictures.”

She said that the show’s superhero premise is what really appealed to her in the script.

“I love Marvel, and I love superhero movies and comic books,” she said. “When I saw that I would be playing a superhero, I was really interested. I hoped maybe they’d let me do tricks and stuff because of my gymnastics background.”

Paris got her wish. Disney and the show’s writers have given her the chance to perform quite a few fantastic stunts for the show so far.

“I’m very grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to do my own stunts,” she said. “It’s a great feeling to know that when kids say they wanna do flips like me and that they love my fight scenes that it’s actually me that they are looking up to.”

Paris has been a gymnast since she was just 5 years old.

“It was very hard to give up that part of my life,” she said. “Incorporating my gymnastics skills to my character means so much to me because I know my training all these years definitely helped my character as Skylar Storm.”

She also has deeply enjoyed being able to give feedback to the show’s stunt coordinators with her gymnastics skill set in mind.
“We always add backflips and cool gymnastic flips,” she said. “My background also helped with the martial arts I do on the show.”

On Mighty Med, Paris plays Skylar Storm, a superheroine who has had her powers taken away by the comic book villain, The Annihilator.

“Even though she doesn’t have any powers, she uses the power that she has inside her,” Paris explained. “She might think sometimes that she needs her powers to be strong or be able to fight villains, but at the end of the day, when her friends or people in general need her, it’s courage that makes her strong.”

Even without her powers, Skylar is a force to be reckoned with.

“She still knows how to kick butt,” Paris said. “I mean, she’s fighting six-foot tall dudes!”

Also helping Skylar are her new friends Oliver and Kaz (portrayed by Jake Short and Bradley Steven Perry), young doctors at the Mighty Med hospital who teach her how to life out her life as a “Normo,” or non-superhero.

“They have really helped her a lot with getting into the human world and learning the normal customs, and trying to be more normal when she loses her powers,” she explained.

She said that if she could have a super power of her own, it would be one to help her avoid one of the most frustrating parts of acting in Los Angeles.

“I would want the power to teleport because I hate L.A. traffic,” she said. “If I could snap my fingers and get to where I needed to be, it could make life a lot simpler.”

So far, Paris’s favorite moment from the Mighty Med set was the massive fight scene between the villain Megahertz and the mighty hero Tecton.

“Megahertz got thrown through the Mighty Med logo,” she explained. “Everyone was watching and there was a loud explosion. That part was really cool to film.

But one of Paris’ favorite parts of being a part of Mighty Med is the chance to demonstrate girl power.

“Even though my character Skylar doesn’t have any powers, she’s still independent and she’s still a strong female character and I love that she really shows it in the show,” she said.

For more info on Paris Berelc, be sure to check out her social pages below! And if you love Mighty Med, be sure to become a part of our community at SweetyHigh.com!

 Photo/Credits: SweetyHigh.com

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