BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber Arrested In ATV Accident With Paparazzi!

On August 29th, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen in Ontario doing some ATV riding. Unfortunately, that day seemed to gloom over as Justin has another mark on his arrest record.

According to ABC News and TMZ, Justin now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault as he collided his ATV into a van full of the paparazzi. Then had an altercation with one of them afterward.

He was pulled into custody that day in Perth County, Ontario and released shortly afterward with a court date set for September 29th at the Ontario Court of Justice in Stratford.

Justin’s lawyer, Brian H. Greenspan said in his statement to ABC News: “Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’ peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of the paparazzi. This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully cooperated in the police investigation. We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved.”

What do you think of the actions Justin took? Let us know!

Selena Gomez Arrives At ‘Chelsea Lately!’ – Photos Here!

Selena Gomez has arrived to film the final episode of Chelsea Handler’s TV show ‘Chelsea Lately.‘ Selena took to Instagram to share the above photo of herself in Jennifer Myer S necklace. Check out more photos of Selena arriving to the set below!

Could Justin be accompanying her tonight? Although Justin did not arrive with Selena he also uploaded a very similar photo of Selena like the one above to his Instagram. Perhaps they were hanging out beforehand? Although Selena doesn’t look to thrilled to be hounded by the paparazzi, she still managed to handle the encounter with style and grace.

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Selena Gomez Dines At ‘Nobu’ After ‘Behaving Badly’ Premiere – Clips Here!


Rockin’ a red carpet can sure work up an appetite! Just ask Selena Gomez who dined with her friend at Nobu in Los Angeles, California after the ‘Behaving Badly‘ premiere.

Check out these clips below of Selena arriving and leaving the restaurant as she tries to dodge the paparazzi’s cameras. We hope she enjoyed her meal!

Selena Gomez V.S. The Paparazzi – Find Out What Happened Here!


Selena Gomez and the paparazzi of the world usually maintain a pretty friendly relationship, but recently when Selena was with friends in Italy some paparazzi got a little too close for comfort and Selena reacted. Watch the video below of Selena v.s. the Paparazzi and let us know who you think was in the wrong in the comments below!

Ashley Tisdale Has A Low Key Lunch With Her Mom



Ashley Tisdale tried to keep a low profile as she and her mom grabbed lunch at The Farm in Beverly Hills, California yesterday. Ashley’s mom was dressed up, while Ashley went for a more casual look. Check out a couple photos of the Tisdales below!

Demi Lovato Goes Head To Head With Paparazzi!



Demi Lovato seemed to have a not-so-fun run in with the paparazzi after the Logo TV “Trailblazers” event this week. Demi Lovato responded to the photos taken of her flipping off the paparazzi with some honest and inspiring words on Twitter.

Demi says, “When are paparazzi gonna learn? If you’re respectful to me, I’ll be respectful back. Why does it have to be a war of celebs against paps? Of course if you yell horrible things, I’m not gonna work with you. I’ll pose if you are respectful and not being bullies. I wanted to stop for my fans today/tonight really bad because I love you so much but I can’t deal with how mean those paps are… 😣 I always try to stop because I appreciate every single one of you, so if I don’t get to you please know I’m sorry and I love you 💗 Sometimes staying strong means not putting yourself in uncomfortable or triggering situations. 💪👍”

We have to agree with Demi in this situation and hope to see paparazzi being less aggressive and rude so celebs can feel comfortable to interact with their fans with being bullied. What do you think of the relationship between stars and the paps? Let us know in the comment box below!

Joe Jonas Arrives At Nylon Party Last Night – Clip Here!


Joe Jonas arrived at last night’s Nylon Magazine music issue party with his girlfriend. Joe took time to sign autographs outside of The Roxy Theater in West Hollywood before joining the party. Check out the clip of Joe’s arrival below:

Demi Lovato Rocks Rio De Janeiro With Her Neon Lights Tour — Check Out The Pics!

Demi Lovato is taking South America by storm on the latest leg of her Neon Lights Tour, which kicked off last Tuesday in São Paulo — her current stop? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Demi wasn’t able to hit the famous beaches of Rio because of “ruthless” paparazzi, but the upside to that was it meant she had a lot of energy to spend when she hit the stage at Citibank Hall in front of a wild crowd of thousands of Brazilian Lovatics on Sunday night (April 27)! So wild, in fact, that apparently one fan, who tried to rush the stage, bit one of Demi’s security guards when he attempted to stop her! Wow!

Check out the pics of Demi rocking out in Rio in the gallery below now:

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Selena Gomez + Orlando Bloom Spotted Together At Chelsea Handler Stand-Up Show — Check Out The Pics!

While it was no secret that Selena Gomez attended Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me Live stand-up comedy show at The Forum in Inglewood, CA on Saturday (April 26) — she posted an Instagram video of her and her friends, including Sia, at the show — heads are turning today as photos of Sel and Orlando Bloom outside the venue have emerged!

Sel and Orlando met in March at the first ever We Day California event in Oakland, where they happily posed for a picture together with other celebrity guests. On Saturday night, however, Orlando, 37, who recently split from wife and mother of three year-old son Flynn, Miranda Kerr, jumped up quickly when photographers zeroed in on him having a smoke while sitting beside Selena on the curb. The pair seemed eager not to be snapped together, which has caused speculation to run rampant that there may be something more than friendship going on between them now!

Do you think these two are just friends or could something more be happening? Check out the pics below and give us your take on the situation!

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Justin Bieber Released By Customs At LAX, Allowed To Enter U.S. — See The Pics Of His Wild Arrival!

After being detained for a reported three hours for questioning by U.S. Customs officials in the Tom Bradley International Terminal of Los Angeles International Airport after his Air Singapore flight touched down from Tokyo on Thursday (April 24), Justin Bieber was released and allowed to enter the United States.

According to TMZ, who was on the scene, Justin exited the terminal with his entourage at approximately 6:22 p.m. PT and was hustled past a huge crowd of gathered fans and photographers into a waiting SUV by his bodyguards.

No further information has been released about the nature or reason for the extended questioning, and Justin kept silent despite numerous questions thrown his way after his release. He did, however, take to Twitter to reassure his fans that he was okay:


Check out the pics of Justin’s wild LAX arrival in the gallery below now. What do you think the Customs officials had to ask Justin?

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