Before You Exit & Christina Grimmie Heading On European Tour Soon!

before you exit grimmie2015 is bound to be an awesome year for Before You Exit and their fans! In less than a month, Before You Exit will be heading on their Europe/UK tour overseas with the one and only Christina Grimmie beginning on January 26th in Helsinki!

So, grab your tickets oversea fans at!

Dates For The Vamps 2015 Arena Tour Released!


The year 2015 is going to be a great year for fans of The Vamps overseas. Dates for a 2015 Arena Tour have been released for the UK and Ireland right now. More dates will be announced later in the year.

Tickets will be on sale October 18th! You can check out the dates of what they had so far above.

G Hannelius Takes A Flight To Visit France!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Dog With A Blog, G Hannelius, is traveling to France. The star posted a pic from the plane as she flies over some beautiful land. Along with the photo she wrote:

“✈️ Bonjour belle France! // 6.1.14”

After arriving to the foreign country, G updated her fans on Twitter by tweeting:

“After an 9 hour flight and a 3 hour train ride… I’m finally settled in France! Don’t worry- I didn’t forget about #HOTMDay”

We aren’t exactly sure what G is doing in France but we are sure she is having a good time!

Cody Simpson Shares Fanmade European Tour 2014 Trailer — Watch Now!

cody simpsonBet all you European fans can’t wait for Cody Simpson’s tour! He’s raring to head back overseas for his European Tour 2014! Some Euro fans were so excited about his comeback, they took the liberty of creating an amazing fanmade trailer video for it featuring many countries of his tour!

So, go ahead and take a minute to check out the awesomeness below! Tell us if you’ll be seeing him this summer!


Ryan Beatty’s Heading To Paris For A Meet Up!

ryan beattyHey, Paris, are you ready for Ryan Beatty? If you are, there’s great news for you! The young singer is heading to Paris next week for a meet up! So, all those in Paris, get yourselves set for a visit to the Eiffel Tower on Friday, May 9th around 4 p.m. to meet Ryan.

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