‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Premiere — What You Missed?!

Last night, September 28, Once Upon A Time returned to ABC with the much awaited season four premiere.  We have all been waiting patiently for this premiere since the killer season end with Elsa magically appearing.  Frozen has arrived!

But, what happened last night!? Without giving away any spoilers, here is what I thought of the premiere.

The main purpose of this first episode was to introduce Ana and Elsa’s story.  The Once plot line for the sisters begins after the Disney movie, with Ana and Kristof’s wedding planning. I have to say, Once and ABC could not have casted these characters better, or dressed them.  Everything was exactly like the movie!  And don’t worry, Elsa, Ana, and Kristoff were not the only characters to be included in the live action.  Kristoff’s trustee reindeer Sven is apart of the storyline and even Elsa’s giant snow bodyguard made an appearance! And let us not forget that the trolls that raised Kristoff were apart of the story (CAN YOU SEE THE EXCITEMENT!?).

What about the rest of the characters? Well, Regina has been cast aside by Robin because he made a vow to Marion who Emma saved from the evil queen back in time in the enchanted forest. Hook makes multiple references to the fact that there is never a day without crisis, and Snow White and Prince Charming are simply adorable with Emma’s new little brother.

As far as excitement go, “A Tale of Two Sisters” was seriously lacking for Once.  As I said, this episode functioned as a backstory to Ana and Elsa.  The action is sure to come throughout the season, and Once fans like myself are more than excited to see what is done with the Frozen storyline!

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