Which Upcoming Movie Is Bella Thorne Excited About? – Find Out Here!

As most Bella Thorne fans know, she is a big fan of horror and thriller films. But which upcoming film is Bella most excited for people to see? Well, The Purge: Anarchy of course!

Bella took to Twitter to share her excited for the movie saying, “Go see #PurgeAnarchy when it opens tomorrow night! Really Scary. Really intense. Really good. So proud of @blumhouse and @brad_fuller for the incredible film!”

We personally can’t wait to watch The Purge: Anarchy!! Will you be taking Bella’s advice and watching the film this weekend? Let us know what your favorite horror/thriller movie is in the comment box below!

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Tops The Box Office With $300M Worldwide


Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released on Friday, April 4th to the delight of first avenger fans worldwide. It was one of the years most highly anticipated movies, and it did not disappoint. The Winter Soldier raked in a cool $96.2 million on its opening weekend, setting a record for the month of April. Captain America: First Avenger in comparison only earned 65 million in its first domestic weekend.

The comic book turned big screen film made over $300 million dollars worldwide. The movie was action packed and full of plot twists and turns. The classic after credit scenes left us all begging for more and with many unanswered questions; don’t worry if you haven’t seen the movie, we won’t spoil it for you.

If you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier get yourself to your local movie theater…NOW!

Marvels’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier released in theaters on April 4th.

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