Demi Lovato Awesome At O2 Arena — Concert Pics + Vids!!

Demi Lovato at O2 Arena.

Demi Lovato continues the European leg of her world tour taking her show to London where she rocked for the fans at the O2 Arena in London on Nov. 28th.

Check out more awesome pics of Demi rockin’ for the fans below along with some video clips from the show.



Taylor Swift + Ellie Goulding Feel The “Burn” At Last London Red Tour Show — Watch Their Duet Here!

If you were one of the lucky 15,500 fans at London’s O2 Arena on Tuesday night (February 11) for the final performance of Taylor Swift’s Red Tour at the venue, not only did you get to see Taylor Swift run through a great set list of some of our favorite songs, but she also had a special guest who has graced the Red Tour stage with her before in the U.S. — Ellie Goulding!

“I’m gonna try to help you figure out what’s about to happen. I’m gonna try to lead you there. Okay, so this is the Red Tour. Okay, so fire is red. London, what does fire do?” After the audience ecstatically yelled out their answers, Taylor confirmed what many of them were hoping to hear: “Ellie Goulding’s here!”

The pair launched into Ellie’s current hit single “Burn” with a ton of energy to, well, burn! Taylor and Ellie shimmied and shook their way down the stage’s catwalk, strutting their stuff and breaking it down to the addictive track.

Weren’t there? No worries, you can watch their whole performance in the video below now:

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Taylor Swift Hearts The UK, Performs With Ellie Goulding At Last London Red Tour Show — See The First Pics!

Taylor Swift brought her Red Tour to the stage for the last of five sold-out shows in London, England on Tuesday night (February 11). The crowd of over 15,500 excited fans was treated to yet another killer performance from the seven-time GRAMMY winner, who showed her love for the UK tonight (after rocking shirts with Union Jacks, a Beatles Abbey Road tee, and even one with a sparkly double-decker bus on it) with a black t-shirt that said it, clear and simple: I ♥ THE UK!

She also invited yet another amazing artist to join her on stage — following in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran (twice!), Sam Smith, Danny O’Donoghue of the Script, and Emeli Sandé, Ellie Goulding gave the crowd an extra thrill by showing up to sing her latest hit single “Burn” with Taylor!

Check out the first pictures from the show in the gallery below now:

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Taylor Swift + Emeli Sandé Get London Red Tour Crowd Singing With “Next To Me” Duet — Watch Now!

With Emeli Sandé

When you’re Taylor Swift and you can sell out London’s O2 Arena for five nights, you don’t have too much of a problem getting some famous friends to show up and sing with you at your big gig — joining the illustrious club that has included Ed Sheeran (twice!), Sam Smith, and Danny O’Donoghue of The Script on this European leg of her Red Tour is English singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé, who showed up on Monday night (February 10), much to the surprise and delight of the crowd of over 15,500 lucky fans!

Before Emeli made her grand entrance, Taylor took a minute to talk to the crowd:

“I was thinking about playing the O2. I was thinking about what that means. I was thinking about how the last time before this week I got to play the O2 was at the BRIT Awards last year. I had a great time… for a lot of reasons, but one of the most important reasons was that I got to meet one of my favorite artists… And then she was so nice… and then I got to watch her absolutely clean up at the BRIT Awards last year. And then I just got the idea… what if she might come out and sing a song at the O2 for you. London, what would you say if I told you that Emeli Sandé is here?”

The crowd erupted into cheers as Emeli walked down the central staircase and launched into her mega-hit “Next To Me,” which she and Taylor performed together beautifully!

After the show, Taylor tweeted:

You can watch the whole performance in the video below now, experience the magic for yourself, and maybe even dance along with Taylor, too!

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Taylor Swift’s Red Tour Returns To London With A Double-Decker Shirt + Emeli Sandé — See The Pics!

With Emeli Sandé

After a detour to rock Berlin, Germany on Friday, Taylor Swift returned to London’s O2 Arena for her fourth of five shows last night (February 10)! And, of course, she came out on stage in a new t-shirt to show her love for England — this time? She traded in her Union Jacks and Beatles prints for a white tee with an iconic (and sparkly!) red double-decker bus on it! Love it!

She also had yet another special guest join her: Emeli Sandé! The English singer-songwriter treated the sold-out crowd of over 15,500 to a beautiful duet of her smash hit “Next To Me” with Taylor.

Check out the first pics from the concert in the gallery below now:

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Watch: Taylor Swift + Danny O’Donoghue Perform The Script’s “Breakeven” At 3rd London Red Tour Show!

Taylor Swift continued her parade of incredible guest stars — which has included Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith — for her third of five nights at London’s O2 Arena. Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer of The Script, joined Taylor on stage in front of a sold-out crowd of over 15,500 to perform the band’s breakthrough single “Breakeven”!

Taylor introduced O’Donoghue by recounting her first time hearing the Irish rock band on one of her first trips touring in the UK, back when she was around 18, and before they’d even made it big in America! She complimented the band for its “incredible songwriting, unbelievable songs, and,” she teased, moments before revealing O’Donoghue was there to an excited roar from the crowd, “they have a really great lead singer.”

After the show, Taylor tweeted about the performance with her surprise guest: “The crowd went absolutely insane!” You can see just what she’s talking about by watching their duet in the video below now:

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Taylor Swift’s Red Tour In London, Night 3: Rocks A Beatles Tee, Performs With Danny O’Donoghue!

Taylor Swift played her third sold-out show at London’s O2 Arena on Tuesday night (February 4th) to a crowd of over 15,500 excited fans! Taylor continued the trend started in the first two shows by wearing a different British-inspired t-shirt during one part of her set — last night’s? A tee featuring the Beatles’ classic Abbey Road album cover!

After surprising the audience by inviting Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith out on stage to sing with her on previous nights, she had yet another special guest on night three: Irish singer-songwriter Danny O’Donoghue of The Script! The pair sang the band’s breakthrough hit “Breakeven” and had a ton of fun with it, judging by the big smiles on their faces.

Check out the first pics from the show in the gallery below now:

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Watch Taylor Swift + Sam Smith Perform His Song “Money On My Mind” At 2nd London Red Tour Show Now!

With Sam Smith

We were barely over Taylor Swift bringing Ed Sheeran out for an incredible duet of his hit song “Lego House” on night one of her Red Tour at London’s O2 Arena when we heard she had another special guest at her second show on Sunday night (February 2nd): British singer-songwriter and BRITS 2014 Critics’ Choice Award Winner Sam Smith!

The pair performed his new single “Money On My Mind,” their voices blending nicely together and Taylor (and the entire crowd) bouncing around and jumping up and down, full of the energy the song has! Like the song and Sam’s voice? He performed a great stripped down version of it on the BRITs Nominations Ceremony last month you can check out here to tide you over until the single is available for download on February 16th.

Check out Taylor and Sam’s duet in the video below now — and let us know what you think of their performance!

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Taylor Swift’s Red Tour In London, Night 2: More Union Jacks, Sam Smith, + A Niall Horan Sighting!

Taylor Swift continued her takeover of London, England’s O2 Arena for night two (February 2nd) of her Red Tour, where she played to yet another sold out crowd of around 15,500! And Taylor didn’t disappoint — in addition to all the regular (and frequent) costume changes that take her through looks that range from playful to full-on sexy siren, she rocked yet another shirt featuring the country’s Union Jack flag, and amidst a concert full of hit after hit of her own, she also brought out yet another special guest: British singer-songwriter Sam Smith! The duo sang his new single “Money On My Mind,” which Taylor later called her “new favorite song” on Twitter.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted One Direction’s Niall Horan in the audience supporting Taylor, still on his crutches after his recent knee surgery. Nice to know there are no hard feelings between Taylor and the 1D guys after her breakup with Harry Styles!

Check out the first pics of Taylor, Sam, and Niall in the night two gallery below now:

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Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran Perform “Lego House” At 1st Red Tour Show In London — Watch Now!

Taylor Swift and her crew really love London! During her first of five Red tour shows at London’s O2 Arena, Taylor took a moment to tell the crowd just how much — they’ve even taken to calling it “Fundon”! As a special treat for her awesome English fans, she brought out one of her best friends, British musician Ed Sheeran, who stopped by to support her on a day off. The duo sang Ed’s hit song “Lego House” — which Taylor told the sold-out crowd of around 15,500 was the first song she’d ever heard of his — and created a moment that was surely a highlight of the night for a lot of the lucky fans in attendance!

You’ve seen tons of pictures, but what’s better than hearing these two sing together? Check out the fan video below to see their entire performance and hear all the sweet things Taylor had to say about London and her good pal Ed:

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