Alli Simpson Has A Beach Day In Aus — Photos Here!

Alli Simpson is loving her time back home in Australia to ring in the New Year. Yesterday, December 30th in AUS (December 29th in US) Alli headed to the beach in Gold Coast for the day.

Alli went with her cousin/best friend Nusi, who she has been spending time with her whole trip so far. Check out some photos of the gorgeous girls below!

Alli Simpson Goes On Shopping Spree!!


Alli Simpson is showing her friend Nusi from Australia around California. Yesterday, June 23rd the girls headed out to do some shopping at Michael Kors, Sephora, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

Check out the photo above of Alli posing with Nusi and all her new clothes & makeup!!

Alli Simpson’s Day At Disneyland With Friends & Family — Photos Here!!


Alli Simpson is one happy gal! She is having a very magical day today, June 24th, at Disneyland in California. Alli headed over to Disney with her mum(Angie Simpson), brother (Tom Simpson), friend (Nusi McCarthy), and Nusi’s family. Nusi is one of Alli’s close friends from back home in Australia who is currently visiting her in California.

Check out some photos of Alli with her family, friends, and even some fans that spotted her in Disneyland below!

Alli Simpson Reunites With An Aussie Friend!


Alli Simpson’s very close friend from Australia has flown to LA with her mom and younger sister to spend some time with the Simpson family in LA. Alli is super stoked to be reunited with her good friend Nusi, and we are sure the two girls will have a blast together.

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