Nick Jonas And Cast Of ‘Kingdom’ Present Show At TCA Tour — Photos Here!

Yesterday, July 12, Nick Jonas and the cast of new DirectTV show “Kingdom” presented their show at the Summer 2014 TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“Kingdom” is the story of the owner and trainer of MMA gym in Venice, CA, Navy St.  Frank Grillo plays the owner, Alvey Kulina,  who is looking to develop the next generation of fighters, including his sons Jay(Johnathan Tucker) and Nate(Nick Jonas).  The show will premiere on October 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Check out the pictures of the cast at the DirecTV panel and the cast photos below!

Nick Jonas Poses At ‘Navy St.’ Training Camp

Nick Jonas took to Instagram this weekend to share a photo of himself at the end of week one of Navy St. training camp.

Nick is set to play an MMA fighter named Nate Henderson on the TV show. Nick has worked hard on his fitness for the role and also now sports a buzz cut for his character. Are you excited to watch Navy St.?

We’ve Got Your Ticket To The Nick Jonas Gun Show — Check Out These Hot Post-Gym Pics!

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is working out, training, and getting ready for his upcoming starring role as a mixed martial arts fighter for DirecTV’s Navy Street, and while production doesn’t start until May, it’s already helping us score some prime pics of Nick post-sweat sesh!

Nick was spotted (Jo)bro-ing out in a backwards baseball cap while leaving his West Hollywood, CA gym on Monday afternoon (March 3) after a session with his trainer. Thanks to his Nike 5th Avenue Iron Runners NYC muscle tee, we were treated to a front row seat to the gun show — and it’s a pretty glorious show, indeed.

Check out the pics of Nick (and his beefy biceps) outside the gym in the gallery below now… at your own risk!

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Nick Jonas Set To Return To TV With Co-Starring Role In DirecTV’s New MMA Drama ‘Navy St.’

Nick Jonas

For the first time since the Disney Channel’s Jonas and Jonas L.A., Nick Jonas will be taking off his guest star hat and heading back to the small screen full time!

According to a story by The Hollywood Reporter, Nick is set to co-star in DirecTV’s Navy St., a gritty, family drama centered around a mixed martial arts gym in Venice, CA called Navy Street, run by Alvey Henderson (played by Frank Grillo), “a former fighter whose drug addiction prevented him from making it big.”

Nick will be playing Alvey’s son, Nate Henderson, a “shy kid who receives a UFC contract,” and is, subsequently, his “father’s pride and joy,” all while dealing with the impact of the addiction issues of his older brother, Jay (played by Jonathan Tucker), with whom he lives.

Kiele Sanchez, formerly of A&E’s The Glades, sits top-bill with Nick, and will be playing Lisa Prince, Alvey’s long-time girlfriend.

Production is set to begin May 5 in Los Angeles on a total of ten episodes and will air on DirecTV’s Audience Network in the fall. We can’t wait to find out more about this exciting new project for him! In the meantime, we’ll keep counting down the days until the season finale of Hawaii Five-0, where Nick will reprise his role as evil mastermind Ian Wright!

What do you think about this role for Nick? Can you see him as an MMA fighter? Just take a look at his healthy living selfie once again up there — we rest our case!

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