Cody Simpson Tells MTV What He Looks For In A Girl!



Ladies, keep your ears open! Cody Simpson chatted with MTV today about what he looks for in a girl. Cody and his girlfriend recently broke up but his heart does want to find love again.

Cody says, “I’m a big fan when a girl is smarter than you, that’s why I’ve been with older girls, ’cause I like intelligence.”

Cody also never turns to pickup lines to impress the ladies saying, “I have never really used a pick-up line, an intelligent way to use pick-up lines is don’t use pick-up lines. The best way is through handling a situation with confidence — hint at a girl but not be too forward.”

Sounds like good advice! Do you daydream of a date with Cody?


‘9 Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran’ – Coming Soon To MTV!

Attention Ed Sheeran fans! Ed is coming to your TV very soon for a special with MTV. Ed took to Twitter recently to share the exciting news.

He tweets, “‘9 days and nights of Ed Sheeran’ airs June 10th, 10pm on @mtv. First time I’ve let a film crew see every aspect of my life close up, tune in.”

We can’t wait to watch and get an insider look and Ed’s life. Will you be watching too?

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