These Ed Sheeran & Niall Horan Pics Squash Any Quarrel Rumors!

Since Ed Sheeran debuted his hit slug “Don’t” there has been SO MUCH speculation of who the song was written about.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Howard asked if the other guy in “Don’t” refers to “that one guy in One Direction?” To which Ed replied “Well it depends on which on you’re talking about.”


Well, this had everyone thinking! Taylor Swift dated Harry Styles back in 2012 but Ed and Tay both insist that they are no more than really good friends! But, Ed briefly dated Ellie Goulding in 2013 and just after that the british singer had a fling with One Direction’s Niall Horan!

But, this weekend at the iHeartRadio festival in Vegas, pictures of Niall and Ed partying together confirm that there is ZERO bad blood between the two even if the speculation on “Don’t” is true!


France! Ed Sheeran Is Coming To You!

Today, July 15, Ed Sheeran is on his way to France for the promotion of his second studio album, Multiply. The 23-year-old, singer/songwriter tweeted about his departure to France. “Off to France now for French promo and stuff.”

Ed Sheeran Talks About The Time He Almost Gave Up

“About two weeks before it really started going well, I had big doubts. Just because things were going well, but I still didn’t have money in my pocket or a place to stay, or like a charged phone. So yeah, I definitely reassessed the situation quite a bit at times.” Ed said, giving us all a reason to never give up on our dreams.

Where would all of us be if Ed had given up just before he was about to make it?  Ed often talks of the times he used to sleep on friends’ houses (how he met Harry Styles actually!), and could barely afford food.  Thankfully, Ed never gave up but continued pursuing his passion despite the critics and the hard conditions the young singer was in.

Ed just released his second album, Multiply, today June 23.  You can get it now on iTunes!

Ed Sheeran’s “X” Album Release Party Tonight!

Tonight Ed Sheeran celebrates his album “X” with an iHeartRadio album release party in Los Angeles.  The album, pronounced Multiply, will be released today, June 23, and features hit song “Sing.”  You can watch the event here!

Ed Sheeran’s New Track “Even My Dad Does Sometimes” Released!



Another song off of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘X’ (Multiply) has been released today. VH1 & MTV recieved the exclusive track entitled, “Even My Dad Does Sometimes”, which can be heard here:

If you love this heartfelt track, don’t forget to pick up a copy of ‘X’ next week and check out a few of the other recently released tracks from the new album that are already available on iTunes including, “Afire Love”, “Don’t”, and “Sing”.

What do you think of “Even My Dad Does Sometimes”? Let us know in the comment box below!

Ed Sheeran’s Song “Afire Love” Is Number One In US!–Get It Now!!

After performing at the MMVAs last night and announcing the video of the year award, Ed Sheeran has some exciting news of his own for today!  His new song “Afire Love” is number one in the United States and top 10 in 42 countries! (get “Afire Love” here!)

Ed also took to twitter earlier today promising that at midnight tonight (June 16/June 17) another new song goes live on iTunes!

Ed Sheeran Gets Platinum Plaque From Warner Canada

Warner Canada presented Ed Sheeran the first platinum plaque for his single “Sing.” The single is from Ed’s second studio album “X” (pronounced multiply) which is set to be released June 20.

Last night, June 14th, Ed performed for New York on Ellis Island. Although the weather was not perfect, concert goers got to witness stunning views of The New York City skyline while they listened to the British singer-songwriter. The show ended with a surprise of fireworks coming from a boat behind the stage.

Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” Hits #1 In 24 Countries!



Ed Sheeran’s latest single “Don’t” has officially hit #1 in 24 countries! Congrats Ed!! Today Ed performed a free show for Sirius FM. Ed’s new album ‘X’ (Multiply) is set to hit shelves in a week and a half. Be sure to pre-order your copy on iTunes today!

‘Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran’ Airs In US Tonight!


Ed Sheeran is having a very busy and successful year! His upcoming album ‘X’ is set for release in a couple of weeks, he will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon tonight, and his newest single ‘Sing’ has just hit #1 on the UK charts!

Want to get an inside look at Ed’s busy life? Be sure to tune in to ‘Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran’ on MTV tonight (US) and tomorrow (UK) for the next 9 nights at 11pm/10c!

Listen To Ed Sheeran’s Unreleased Track “Friends” Now!

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Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘X’ is only weeks away from release, but until then Ed has debuted his new song “Friends” to tide us over! Check out the new track below and leave your thoughts in our comment box. 🙂

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