Midnight Red Revealed Bloopers!

midnight redYou’ve seen all the episodes of Midnight Red Revealed from Sweety High and HYPE!. Now, check out the awesome behind the scenes bloopers of the five-part series that will have you laughing! See the hilarity before your eyes right at Sweety High!

Sweety High: Midnight Red Revealed Episode 2 — Watch Now!

midnight red Hope you Midnight Red fans are all ready for a new episode of Midnight Red Revealed brought to you by Sweety High & HYPE!

In this new episode titled “Miss Firestarter: Firing Up MTV Artist To Watch Tour”, we get a behind the scenes glimpse of their choreography skills, backstage readiness, Eric’s secret to applying hairspray and, of course, a snippet of Midnight Red on stage!

So, check out the newest episode of Midnight Red Revealed below and tell us your favorite part!

Sweety High: Midnight Red Revealed Episode 1 — Watch Now!

midnight red How much do you know about Thomas, Eric, Colton, Anthony and Joey of Midnight Red?

Whether you know a lot or a little, you might be surprised about what you find out in their new five-part video series. Teaming up with Sweety High, you’ll now be able to receive awesome inside scoop about your favorite group.

In the first official Midnight Red Revealed episode “Hell Yeah, Gearing Up For Tour”, you get to see them as they get themselves ready for the Austin Mahone MTV Artist to Watch Tour!

So, sit back and check out the awesome episode below! Happy viewing!

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