Enter Claire’s #GotVamps Competition For Signed Merch Now — Details Here!

vampsYeah, you read it right! You can easily win a chance to get some awesome signed merchandise by The Vamps from Claire’s! For the next few weeks, there will be winners chosen at random and all you need to do is share your fave Vamps merch from Claire’s!

Check out all the details you need to know below!


Get Exclusive Merchandise When You Pre-Order ‘Meet The Vamps’ In The US!

vampsHey, US Vamps fans! Did you hear about the exclusive bundle you can get by pre-ordering your ‘Meet The Vamps‘ album from The Vamps? By going to GetVampsUSA.com you can choose to get a Signed Photo Bundle that includes:

  • “Meet The Vamps” Audio CD
  • 8×10 exclusive photo personally signed by hand, by your choice of band member
  • Exclusive guitar pick to match your photo

Or you can get the Deluxe Collector’s Bundle that includes:


  • “Meet The Vamps” Audio CD
  • Get all (4) 8×10 photos (Unsigned)
  • Get all (4) guitar picks

So, hurry up and get your bundle of choice while it lasts for pre-order! Which Vamp is your favorite?


Rixton Got Some New Merch For You To Wear — Check It Out!

rixtonRixton’s showing off some fresh pieces of merchandise for their fans. With this awesome pic of the guys donning their own merchandise, they tweeted:

To get your hands on one of these snazzy shirts, please click HERE. What’s your favorite garment piece?

After Romeo’s “Love On Lock” EP Will Be Available At All Their Shows!

10684017_625731897541554_908585991_nAfter Romeo announced today on Instagram and Twitter that their amazing EP, “Love On Lock” will be available beginning today at every single one of their shows! They say on Instagram:

“Today is a huge day!! After crazy anticipation our EP IS AVAILABLE!! It will available at all of our shows! Love you Bromeos and Juliets”

You can check out where they’ll be at AfterRomeoWorld.com. For today, they’ll be having their free show in Denver, Colorado at the Orchard Town Centre for FREE!!

They shared the same “Love On Lock” pic above with another message on Instagram saying:

“COLORADO! Our Free Concert is today 2pm at the Orchard Town Center be early!!! We also do a meet & greet after the show tickets to the m&g are available at the merchandise table! AND as of today the @afterromeo #TheLoveOnLockEP is now available at concerts!!!!!!!! Denver u get the first listen!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you all today!!! #boys #afterromeo #music”

Are you already going?

New Things Added To The “Design Your Own” Lucy Hale Merch — Go Now!

BvrTpb3CMAA8W2v.jpg largeHey, Lucy Hale lovers! Of course, many of you know you can that you can design your own Lucy Hale merch by going to CapLucy.com right now!

But wait, don’t go yet! You have to hear something awesome! Lucy happily announced that there is now a way to design your own “Lie A Little Better” merch!

Isn’t that great news? Now that you know, go ahead and check it out!

Jake Miller’s Posing In New Merch For You — Check Them Out!

jake millerIf there’s one thing we love, it’s new merchandise from our favorite celebs and artists! Just today, Jake Miller shared happiness as he announced that new merch for the fans was finally out! With his show today at Six Flags in New Jersey, the new merch will be available for purchase! Plus, you can get it at JakeMiller.com if you aren’t at the Jersey show.

And you know what makes this new merch even better? Jake Miller posing in the new shirt and hoodie! Check them out below and let us know which one you would get!


Summer Is Endless In Emblem3’s Merch Store — Check Out The Sales!

emblem3Summertime for Emblem3 is endless. Especially within their online merchandise store. Even though the Fireside Story Sessions Tour ended awhile ago, they’re still great things you can get to remember your summer such as shirts, posters, bracelets and more! And the best part is, they’re having a sale on things right now!

So head over to Emblem3’s merch store here and grab your Emblem gear now! Let us know how your summer is going so far in the comments below! Is it endless like Emblem3 or is yours about to end?

Time To Shop In Shawn Mendes’s New Merch Store — Check It Out!

shawn mendes merchA couple days ago, Shawn Mendes revealed that the website for his online store would be up! Well, Shawn’s new merch store has finally arrived and he’s very happy to share it with all of you!

Go ahead to Shawn’s Official Store to see what it’s filled with so far! With the store just beginning, there’s only a few items of merchandise, but we’re sure it’s going to fill up with other awesome stuff very soon!

Hey, “Momgelos”, Get Your Alex Angelo Limited Edition Merch Now!

alex angeloWhat was once a plan, has become reality! Alex Angelo’s plans for his Mama Fangelo fanbase is definitely real now! A bit ago, these plans were put into effect and now you can actually buy an “Alex Angelo Is My Future Son-In-Law” shirt in his online store, but only for a limited time!

So, Momgelos, or even Fangelos, head over to Alex Angelo’s online store now to buy this awesome new merchandise while supplies last! Every Mama Fangelo shouldn’t be without one!

Alex Angelo’s Got New Merch Ideas For All The Moms Out There — See The Plans!

10520349_258565371008204_1443570821_nAlex Angelo not only has “Fangelos” (fans) out there, but there’s going to be at least a few moms, who are called “Momgelos”, as well. In light of that awesome fanbase, Alex has plans to bring out new merchandise dedicated to the Mama Fangelo. He says on Instagram with the shared pic above, “Coming soon for #momgelos. It’s happening”. Check out what he’s thinking of doing above!

Fangelos, would your mom totally rock one of these tees?

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