Emblem3 Shares Fireside Story Memories!

emblem3With the Fireside Story Sessions Tour finally over, the guys are a bit bummed. They’ve truly enjoyed experiencing the closeness with their fans and hope their Emblems loved it as well.

To commemorate the tour, the guys shared some of their fond memories in the form of photos on their website! So, click here to check out their sweet message to you and find the nice gallery of summer joy!

Where Did It All Begin For Rixton? — Find Out Here!

rixtonHave you ever wanted to know where it all began for the music artists, Rixton? Where they were from? What they looked like?

You can find out all this more in the first part of a small video series called, “My Life On Screen”. They share great memories using the help of Google Maps and photographs.

Check it all out below!



Before You Exit: Dangerous Tour Series Episode 5 — Watch Now!

before you exit manilaBefore You Exit is back and brought a new episode to The Dangerous Tour Series! In this new episode 5, they give us the inside scoop about their trip to Manila, sharing their memories they will never forget, including a visit to a radio show, rehearsal and the performance itself.

So, get ready for this Dangerous Tour episode from Manila below!

Jake Miller’s Memories Of His California Dreams — See The Memory Collage Here!

jake millerJake Miller is officially leaving the beautiful sunshine of California to head back to the beaches of Florida. He’s sad to leave, but shares some great memories with us in this great collage above. Some of the memories include his VIP visit to Warner Bros. Studio, hanging out with Jason Derulo, chilling with Miley Cyrus backstage at one of her Bangerz Tour concerts, studio moments and just being in California period. The artist says on his Instagram:

“I can’t believe we’re leaving LA tonight 😭 it’s been the most amazing 4 months of my life. A truly life changing trip that has made me a better person and a better musician. While I’ve been out here, I made close to 50 songs, I went to the Grammys and the MTV Movie Awards, I was in the studio with the best artists/writers/producers in the world, I met and hung out with some of my favorite artists, and so much more. However, the only reason I came out here in the first place was to record new music…and holy shit we have some SMASHES. The best songs I’ve made to date. I can’t wait for you guys to hear them. Everything is about to change real real soon. The take over is upon us 😜 GET READY!!!!! Florida see ya soon, Cali… I’ll miss the 💩 outta you”

We’re sure California will miss Jake, too! Not to mention we all can’t wait to hear all those fantastic songs he was able to create while visiting!

Have a safe trip home, Jake!

Jake Miller Sends Birthday Wishes To His Drummer

4bf1398ea16011e3976b126630033576_8Jake Miller sends out extreme birthday wishes to his drummer, Kevin Smart, who has been with him for quite some time. He shares a few memories in the Instagram pic above and writes:

“Happy 18th bday to my drummer and one of the coolest kids I’ve ever met. About a year and a half ago, I remember us writing his principle a letter asking if he would give Kevin the semester off since we had our first tour coming up. Fortunately, his principal loved him and believed in him so much that he said yes. Now, we’ve toured the entire country twice together. Thanks Mr Principal. Love you Kev. You’re so posi. And ladies… he’s officially legal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @poppunkbro! Everyone go follow him 🎉🎁🎈”

Those are some awesome words, Jake! Happy birthday to your drummer, Kevin, from us here at TeenInfonet as well!

Cody Simpson Receives A Doll Of Himself! @CodySimpson


Check out the photo above! Cody Simpson posted it to Instagram. He got a doll of himself made by a fan at his meet & greet! Super cool! #AcousticSessionsTourMemories

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