Happy Birthday To Before You Exit’s Riley McDonough!

Today is Riley McDonough’s birthday, the middle of the McDonough boys and lead singer for their band Before You Exit!

Riley posted this photo to his twitter earlier, the details of his birth 19 years ago today!

*queue millions of girls sighing ‘awww’*

Happy 19th Birthday Riley, from all of us here at TI! Welcome to the land of, ‘only 2 years until I’m legal!!’

Band “Before You Exit” Performing Live 4th Of July In Arizona!!!

before you exit

Before You Exit is a rock band of brothers that has been growing in popularity tremendously in the past few months. The group started in Orlando Florida with different group members. Eventually the band transformed to just the 3 brothers: Connor, Riley and Toby. Other band members include: Thomas Silvers (Live and Studio member), Christopher “Chris” Ganoudis (Studio member), and Ryan Wheeler (Live member).

So far the band has released 3 EP’s: “A Short Story Long”, “Letting Go”, and “I Like That”. The band has decided that they will be performing live 4th of July in Glendale, Arizona. They will be performing at Westgate Firework Fest. The whole Firework Fest will be 5-9:30 P/m with food, and other live music too. To find more information on this event, go to the website here, where you can find info on parking, pictures from last year, and more events that will be going on.

To get more information on the band, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and their Website!

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