VIDEO: Jocelyn Arndt Releases “Lullaby” Lyric Music Video!

jocelynJocelyn Arndt is a new rising star in the music industry. With her soulful vocals and beautiful song lyrics, she’ll definitely be rising to the top.

Not long ago, this vocalist released a music video for the amazing single “Nevermind”. Now, she returns with a powerful lyric music video for “Lullaby”, a single based from her released EP, Strangers in Fairyland, which you can grab on iTunes now!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

“Lullaby” by Jocelyn Arndt from David Bourgeois on Vimeo.

Becky G Drops Lyric Video For “Can’t Stop Dancin” – Watch Now!


Becky G‘s new single, “Can’t Stop Dancin'”, has officially been released on iTunes just yesterday (November 4). Now, she dropped the lyric video for the single so we can memorize the song by heart! Not only do we get to listen to Becky’s new song and sing along but also dance to it while we sing as loud as we can!

Be sure to check out Becky’s lyric video for “Can’t Stop Dancin'” by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Megan Nicole Releases Official Lyric Video For “Electrified” – Watch Here!!!

Megan Nicole

Several days ago, singer/songwriter Megan Nicole released a snippet for her newest single “Electrified”. Earlier, she released the lyric video for the song on YouTube, and the audio hasn’t even been released on iTunes yet. Essentially, this is a first listen on the song before it’s released anywhere else. The lyric video can be found below!

Hilary Duff Releases Lyric Video For “All About You” – Watch Here!!!

Hillary Duff

Several days ago, Hilary Duff released the audio for her newest single “All About You”. The single is doing fairly well, and Hilary is extremely happy with the outcome. Several hours ago, she released the lyric video for the single on YouTube via Vevo. The lyric video is very well-organized and looks very good, check it out below!

Bella Thorne Has A Blast At A Beach House! – Pics Here!

Summer days, driftin’ away but oh oh those summer nights!” Bella Thorne took to Instagram recently to share some fun end of summer photos from her trip to a beach house with her friends. Bella enjoyed some fun in the sun while surfing, and also even took time to relax and get puppy cuddles! We love that Bella quoted Grease and The Beach Boys on her IG!

Check out a few more photos below of Bella at the beach!

Before You Exit Shares A “Heart Like California” Fanmade Video — Check It Out Here!

before you exitThere’s no doubt we are all in love with Before You Exit’s newest single, “Heart Like California”. It’s one of the most beautiful and sweetest songs we’ve ever heard! With its popularity rising high, we’re not surprised that fans are already making their own fanmade videos to the song.

Just a little bit ago, Before You Exit shared a wonderfully pieced together video by Brazilian fans showing off their own style of the lyrics! You can check out this awesome video below and sing along!

Shawn Mendes Uploads “Show You” Lyrical Video!!!

Shawn Mendes

Yesterday, Shawn Mendes released his newest EP “The Shawn Mendes EP”. Right after the EP release, he announced that he would also be releasing a lyrical video for one of the songs in the EP “Show You”. He released it several minutes ago! The Lyrical Video is currently on VEVO and isn’t available in all countries just yet from the VEVO page. You can watch it here though which Shawn Mendes Tweeted!

To keep up with Shawn Mendes, follow him on TwitterInstagram,YouNowYoutube, and his Website!

Madonna & Miley Cyrus Play InstaTag – Is There A Future Collaboration In The Works?!



The fandom world has been swirling with rumors and speculation that Miley Cyrus and Madonna will be teaming up on a new song soon… could this be the confirmation we’ve all been hoping for!? …possibly.

Madonna has tagged Miley Cyrus on a photo of Rebeal Heart lyrics on Instagram and a few minutes later Miley replied to her with a “tongue-out” selfie while while wearing a Madonna shirt.

Are these gals just playing around, or could they be giving fans a big hint on a possible collaboration in the works? We’re hoping for the latter!! Stay tuned to TeenInfoNet as soon as the official word breaks!!

Would you like to hear a Miley and Madonna musical collab in the future? Let us know in the comment box below!!

R5 Releases “Heart Made Up On You” Lyric Video — Watch Now!


Out of no where, R5 surprised us with the announcement of their new EP as well as their new single “Heart Made Up On You.” Then, we were finally able to hear the full length single. Although it’s only been out for a relatively short while, the group wants their fans to make sure they know the song by heart. R5 released the official lyric video for their newest single!

Check out the lyric video for “Heart Made Up On You” by watching it in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting! The new EP is set to be released in just five days on July 29th!

One Republic Releases Lyrical Video For “Ordinary Human” Part Of The Soundtrack For “The Giver”

One Republic

Novel based movie “The Giver” is an up and coming movie that will be released this August 15th. The film is about a young man living in a conformed community, but finds out the darkness, which results in a wild chase between the government and him.

The soundtrack for the movie features 10 songs, 2 of which are by One Republic: “Ordinary Human”, and “I Lived”. Earlier on today, One Republic released a Lyrical video for “Ordinary Human on their YouTube Vevo page. Make sure to check it out below!

To stay updated on One Republic, follow them on Twitter, YouTube, Vevo YouTube, Facebook, and their Website.

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