Megan Nicole Releases Official Lyric Video For “Electrified” – Watch Here!!!

Megan Nicole

Several days ago, singer/songwriter Megan Nicole released a snippet for her newest single “Electrified”. Earlier, she released the lyric video for the song on YouTube, and the audio hasn’t even been released on iTunes yet. Essentially, this is a first listen on the song before it’s released anywhere else. The lyric video can be found below!

Hilary Duff Releases Lyric Video For “All About You” – Watch Here!!!

Hillary Duff

Several days ago, Hilary Duff released the audio for her newest single “All About You”. The single is doing fairly well, and Hilary is extremely happy with the outcome. Several hours ago, she released the lyric video for the single on YouTube via Vevo. The lyric video is very well-organized and looks very good, check it out below!

Shawn Mendes Uploads “Show You” Lyrical Video!!!

Shawn Mendes

Yesterday, Shawn Mendes released his newest EP “The Shawn Mendes EP”. Right after the EP release, he announced that he would also be releasing a lyrical video for one of the songs in the EP “Show You”. He released it several minutes ago! The Lyrical Video is currently on VEVO and isn’t available in all countries just yet from the VEVO page. You can watch it here though which Shawn Mendes Tweeted!

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One Republic Releases Lyrical Video For “Ordinary Human” Part Of The Soundtrack For “The Giver”

One Republic

Novel based movie “The Giver” is an up and coming movie that will be released this August 15th. The film is about a young man living in a conformed community, but finds out the darkness, which results in a wild chase between the government and him.

The soundtrack for the movie features 10 songs, 2 of which are by One Republic: “Ordinary Human”, and “I Lived”. Earlier on today, One Republic released a Lyrical video for “Ordinary Human on their YouTube Vevo page. Make sure to check it out below!

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Tyler Ward Releases Official Lyric Video For His Song “Dashes”!!!

Tyler Ward

Approximately 9 months ago (in 4 days), Tyler Ward released his studio album “Honestly”. The album features several up and coming singers such as Lindsey Stirling. The album contains 12 songs, with the more popular ones (the ones he released as singles mostly) being uploaded on YouTube as music videos and lyric videos.

Tyler ward is currently on tour so he producing music has slowed down, though he has been releasing music videos and lyric videos even during the tour. Recently, we made a post about Tyler Ward releasing an official music video for his song (also from the album), “SOS” which can be found here. 2 days ago, Tyler Ward released an official lyric video for his song “Dashes” which is also on the album. The lyric video can be found below!

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Lenny Kravitz Releases New Lyrical Music Video!

Lenny Kravitz

A lot of people know Leonard Albert “Lenny” Kravitz as “Cinna” from the movie “The Hunger Games”. A lot of people ALSO know him as a phenomenal artist. He focuses on rock music but also adds his own styles of R&B, Rap, Reggae, Funk, and more.

Yesterday, June 23rd, he released his new Lyrical Video titled “The Chamber”. Make sure you check it out, it’s below! Also, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and his Website!


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