Are You Ready To Meet The Vamps In New York City TODAY?!


vampsListen up everyone! Remember to  make your way to Lucky Strike in New York City to meet The Vamps today, November 17th. Purchase their album, Meet The Vamps, beginning at 2 pm and get it signed at 5 pm when they arrive for their signing!

You’ll Get Lucky At Lucky Strike When You Meet The Vamps — Details Here!

vampsVamps and Vampettes, make sure you head out to Lucky Strike in New York City on November 17th! The Vamps will be there holding a signing beginning at 5 p.m., but to get a chance at meeting up with them, you’ll need to purchase a copy of Meet The Vamps while there!

So, if you want to get “lucky” and “Meet The Vamps”, grab your album copy beginning at 2 p.m.! You can get all the details right above!

Steee-rike! Your “Spare” Time Can Be Used Meeting Jake Miller At Lucky Strike In LA!

Bxg-y4lCAAAO5la.jpg largeHey, LA! Jake Miller’s heading to Lucky Strike on Tuesday, September 16th beginning at 6:30 pm. So, if you got any spare time, head over for a good time!

Hanging out with Jake Miller bowling? Talk about a perfect game!

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