Chris Miles Finds Love In “Conversations”, Premiere On Yahoo! & Snapchat!

chris miles

If Chris Miles has proved anything this year, it’s that talent has no age limit. The 15 year-old MC has impressed everyone from music industry heavyweights like 50 Cent and Mac Miller to legendary producers such as Statik Selektah, with his controlled rapid fire flow and complex rhyme patterns. All of his hard work is evident in the release of debut EP Birth of Cool. Miles spits about challenges he faces as a young rapper and love. In his new music video for “Conversations,” Miles shows how interconnected love and music truly are. Set in New York City, he and his crush roam the streets connecting over their passion for Mobb Deep, Kendrick Lamar, Pac, Biggie, Eminem and J. Cole. Yahoo! claims “Chris is proof that there’s hope for hip-hop’s next generation.” Today, Miles is thrilled to be partnering with SnapChat for the official release of “Conversations.” Fans can head over to the discovery section of SnapChat and find his brand new music video under the Warner Chappell circle. To view the music video now head on over to Yahoo!.
“Conversations” is a nostalgic window into the innocence of first love and the power that music has in permeating life’s pivotal moments. Directed by Jay Brown, the central theme of “Conversations” is duality and how it can shape our thoughts and feelings of others. The video juxtaposes the cruel New York winter, with the warmth that Miles has for the girl who challenges him musically. They both love hip-hop, but champion different artists and albums. As Miles raps, “You thought Yeezus was trash but we debated that,” him and his date spend the day together bonding over their musical tastes and her support of his music career. Whether it’s in the record store or the park, the respect and admiration Miles has for his companion is heartfelt.With “Conversations,” what separates Miles from his peers is not only the fact that he is almost half their age but that he’s not afraid to show his inherent sincerity. While Miles can spit hardened bars over

Statik Selektah beats or dazzle with his knack for lyrical acrobatics, in his new video he doesn’t need to. “Conversations” is about emotions and the complexity of music, love, and challenging people you care for. “Conversations” is from his recently released free EP, Birth of Cool

For the past five years, Miles has been studying rap and honing his skills amid family issues, bullying, and hate from doubters who can’t see past his age. On Birth of Cool, the hard work and determination is evident as Miles easily rides beats from hitmakers such as Jake One on “Time.” What ties the entire project together is Chris’ resolve to make every song relatable to his audience, whether they be high school classmates or 30+ year olds who came of age during rap’s golden era. In the last year, Miles has grown from a young lyricist to seasoned songwriter. Not only are his bars sharper, but he’s added a keen sense for melody to his arsenal. As TheSmokingSection states Miles, “displays the type of promise that makes it easy for him to stand out from the rest of the pack.” The Birth of Cool is only the beginning for one of the East Coast’s most promising young voices.

Check out the YouTube video HERE or down below!

Ariana Grande Tweets Out Against Recent Rumors About Her – See Them Here!


Recently, many rumors have been floating around about Ariana Grande. It seems that the rumors got pretty bad and Ariana was definitely noticing them. Ariana was quick to turn to Twitter to express her feelings and share her side of the story in regards to all the rumors. In her tweets, she made sure to let everyone know how much she loves and appreciates her fans. She made the following tweets:

We sure love Ariana as well. We sure did not believe the rumors. Let us know what you think of Ariana’s response by commenting!

Selena Gomez Leaves Toronto, Canada Solo… Where’s Justin?!

Selena Gomez is busy on her phone as she is spotted departing Toronto International Airport.

Selena Gomez was seen in a local mall in Toronto, Canada with on-again/off-again beau Justin Bieber this weekend. The pair were mobbed by fans and paparazzi  as they shopped in the beauty and cosmetics section, as well as a sneaker store. We all know how much Justin loves his sneakers. At one point Justin even “stole” a kiss from the Getaway star while they were shopping, and the pap were right there to catch it on camera.

Today, Selena was spotted at the Toronto International Airport, but there was something missing… or should we say someone? She was at the airport without the pop-star and was noticeably saddened by his absence. The “Come and Get Tt” singer looked great though — she followed the old saying, “Don’t just dress how you feel, dress how you want to feel!”. And she looked fabulous!

The 22-year-old looked casually cute with a loose white top, black pants, and matching leather boots. She finished her looked with a pair of sunglasses, brown scarf, and black leather handbag.

Check out Selena’s pictures from the Toronto airport below:


Vanessa Hudgens Sends Loving Birthday Wishes To Austin Butler!

Yesterday was Austin Butler’s 23rd birthday and his boo, Vanessa Hudgens took to her blog to post a super sweet and loving message for the birthday boy! Vanessa says,

“🎉🎁🎂Yesterday was the love of my life’s birthday. Happy birthday to the man with the kindest heart, beautiful soul, crazy talent and best looks I’ve ever seen. He never stops inspiring me in every aspect of life and always lifts those around him up higher. I thank god so greatly for blessing the world 23 years ago by creating Austin Butler. 🎉🎂🎁”

We hope that Austin and Vanessa had a wonderful time celebrating the special day!

Chloe Moretz Kick’s Ass On The Cover Of Flare Magazine – CHECK IT OUT!


Kick Ass star Chloe Moretz is the cover girl for the September issue of Flare Magazine. The 17 year old posed for some fierce pictures for the Canadian based fashion publication and dished on a some juicy topics. She reveals her philosophies about love and dating as a teenager, the difficulties of acting, and of course fashion! Chloe commented, ‘It’s a tough age to fall in love: people change so quickly.’

Check out Chloe’s fabulous photospread in Flare Magazine below: 

Demi Lovato Stands Up For The LGBT Community – Read Her Full Post Here!

Demi Lovato is a well known supporter and friend of the LGBT community. Today, Demi took to her Twitter to post an important message of standing up for love and putting aside judgements and hate. Check out Demi’s full post below:

“Was talking to someone very near and dear to my heart today about how people are STILL JUDGING others for their sexual preferences. It really breaks my heart, and I’ll never be able to understand why this world can’t learn to accept one another for who they are without passing judgement. You are not God, therefore leave the judging to him. Like I said before, the LOVING God that I believe in, would never condemn anyone for loving another human of the same sex. That’s just what I believe and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. But I will say, I grew up learning in Sunday school and bible camps about a God who loves all no matter where you came from or what you’ve done. A man named Jesus who forgives people of all sins including horrible things like murder if you simply ask for forgiveness and accept him into your heart. Now I’m no bible thumper but I truly believe that same Lord and savior loves ALL no matter who you are or where you’ve come from and especially who you love. I guess I’m just still upset after hearing how difficult life can be for people who are literally being punished for simply loving who they NATURALLY love. Just remember.. Just like straight people can’t simply CHOOSE to be gay, gay people can’t simply CHOOSE to be straight. It’s not a choice for everyone.. So stop judging people like it is. #NOH8 – remember, you are loved and even if by no one else, you are loved by ME. 💗👬👭👫✌️”

We think it’s wonderful that Demi is standing up for what she believes in and it spreading a positive message for people to see and be inspired by! 🙂

Austin Mahone Has An Unreleased Song To Share With You — Listen Here!

Austin-Mahone-200x300There’s no doubt we love Austin Mahone and his fantastic music. Every time we hear a new single, we can’t help but shake with excitement. Today (July 13th), Mahomies, our jaws dropped when we saw what Austin announced on Twitter a short while ago.

The amazing Austin Mahone shared an unreleased love song for everybody to hear called “Say My Name”. The song was written by him and Robert Villanueva and he states it is a free song for fans.

Check it out below and let us know what you feel about it. Are you obsessing over the new song like we are?


Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Cuddle In The Studio!



Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been causing tons of speculation in Hollywood recently as to if they’re back on as a couple or not. The dynamic duo have been spending a lot of time together recently in both Canada and the US. They have been to dinner, parties, movies, even a bible study, but we think this could be the best picture proof yet!

Recently, a friend of “Jelena” snapped a photo inside of a Hollywood recording studio which shows Justin and Selena cuddled up for a nap. Adorable! Do you think that they could be recording a secret duet, or perhaps they’re rekindling their romance? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

‘Voice’ Finalist Christina Grimmie Says, Act ‘With Love ‘ And Adopt — Never Buy Dogs


YouTube’s Favorite Pianist and Singer-Songwriter Stars in

Exclusive New Video for peta2

The With Love chanteuse also sat down for an exclusive video interview in which she shares Chloe’s story and stresses why adoption is so important. “I love my dog so much, and she’s like my best friend,” Grimmie says. “I feel like when you adopt an animal, it’s kind of like you’re saving them. … I would so much rather rescue a dog than just buy one.”

Not all animals are as lucky as Chloe was: Every year in the U.S., 6 to 8 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats enter animal shelters, and more than half of them must be euthanized because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every dog or cat purchased from a pet store or breeder takes a home away from an adoptable animal—meaning that one more animal in a shelter will die.

Grimmie also addresses how essential it is to be sure that you can take care of your new best friend before you decide to adopt. “It’s very important to love your animal, feed your animal, but if you don’t have that time and responsibility to do so, then I wouldn’t get one,” she says. “You just gotta know what you’re about to handle.”

Grimmie joins a growing list of celebrities—including Daniella MonetChristian SerratosJustin BieberP!nkMadison BeerCody Simpson, and Glee‘s Lea Michele—who have teamed up with peta2 to help animals.

Ashley Tisdale Wishes Her Fiance’ Christopher French A Happy Birthday

Ashley Tisdale tweeted some very sweet birthday wishes for her fiance’ Christopher French for his special day today.

Ashley tweets, “Happy birthday to my amazing fiancé! Even back then he had style and was all business.” She then posted this adorable of toddler-aged Christopher on Instgram. Check out the cute photo HERE!

Happy Birthday Christopher! We hope the pair get to enjoy the day together. 🙂

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