Debby Ryan Shares Words Of Encouragment For Suicide Prevention Week

This week is suicide prevention week. Over 1 million people tragically commit suicide worldwide every year. It is important to bring awareness and prevention to show those who struggle that is gets better.

Actress Debby Ryan took to her Twitter today to share a wonderful and inspiring message of hope and care to her over 3 million fans across the world saying, “It’s just really important that you keep living. it’s hard, I know. and you have no idea what awaits you. that’s the beauty of being alive.”

She also replied to a fan who is going through a hard time saying, “You’re not alone in it, but you can’t let the despair trick you into feeling hopeless. There’s always hope.”

What a beautiful message to bring across this week. Debby also posted a link to tips of remembering that Love Is Louder, and preventing suicide HERE. If you are going through difficult times of feel hopeless, please reach out to someone you trust or call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (US number.)

Inner Beauty Challenge Week Begins Tomorrow January 13th @LoveisLouder @debbyryan @MaiaMitchell

debby-ryan-photoshoot-love-is-louder_1This year, Love Is Louder and Benefit Cosmetics have partnered to bring the Inner Beauty Challenge that will be for the entire week starting tomorrow, January 13th through January 19th.

Celebrities like Debby Ryan, Maia Mitchell, Nikki Reed and more are participating in this 7-Day-Challenge.

This week, join the challenge as you focus on having fun, remaining positive and embracing your inner beauty!

For more information, see the video below and go to the InnerBeautyChallenge website.

Make yourself laugh, love and live loud.

Debby Ryan And Maia Mitchell Love Is Louder PSA

Debby RyanDebby Ryan and Maia Mitchell have joined forces with Love Is Louder and Benefit Cosmetics for the latest campaign titled “Inner Beauty” The ladies were part of a PSA promoting the campaign. You can check that out below.

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