Lea Michele’s Thrilling News


Lea Michele had a wonderful day today with the release of her album, Louder. She was so happy with how everything turned out,  saying it was a dream come true. And now, with its success, Lea Michele was thrilled to announce about some special appearances happening this summer!

We will keep you up to date on Lea Michele’s awesome announcement! Were you able to get Louder and meet Lea today?

Check It Out! – R5 Shares Louder World Tour Promo Video @officialr5


Ross Lynch and his band, R5, recently announced they will be going on tour in 2014 for their Louder tour. With a highly successful tour in 2013, the band decided why not do it again? So they are! The tour dates have already been released for Europe and Canada. More dates are planned to be announced early of next year. This tour is going to be much, much bigger than last year’s. Check out the promo video below that R5 put together for their Louder tour!

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