TI Exclusive: The INTour Takes On The Pasadena Convention Center

The INTour took place at the Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday September 13th. The lineup for the INTour featured Lohanthony, Jack and Jack, Connor Franta, Luke Korns, JennXPenn, Crawford Collins,Christian Collins, JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Dylan Dauzat, Alx James, Sam Tsui and Brent Rivera.

Others who also attended the event to support included Andrea Russett, Sam Pottoroff, Carter Reynolds, Lia Marie Johnson and Teala Dunn. Thousands of fans lined up for the event as early as 7AM to see their favorite Youtube and Vine stars. Not only did the stars take the stage, but VIP ticket holders also enjoyed a a meet and greet along with a special after party with music, free Taco Bell and even more time with their favorite web stars.

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