Demi Lovato Stands Up For The LGBT Community – Read Her Full Post Here!

Demi Lovato is a well known supporter and friend of the LGBT community. Today, Demi took to her Twitter to post an important message of standing up for love and putting aside judgements and hate. Check out Demi’s full post below:

“Was talking to someone very near and dear to my heart today about how people are STILL JUDGING others for their sexual preferences. It really breaks my heart, and I’ll never be able to understand why this world can’t learn to accept one another for who they are without passing judgement. You are not God, therefore leave the judging to him. Like I said before, the LOVING God that I believe in, would never condemn anyone for loving another human of the same sex. That’s just what I believe and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. But I will say, I grew up learning in Sunday school and bible camps about a God who loves all no matter where you came from or what you’ve done. A man named Jesus who forgives people of all sins including horrible things like murder if you simply ask for forgiveness and accept him into your heart. Now I’m no bible thumper but I truly believe that same Lord and savior loves ALL no matter who you are or where you’ve come from and especially who you love. I guess I’m just still upset after hearing how difficult life can be for people who are literally being punished for simply loving who they NATURALLY love. Just remember.. Just like straight people can’t simply CHOOSE to be gay, gay people can’t simply CHOOSE to be straight. It’s not a choice for everyone.. So stop judging people like it is. #NOH8 – remember, you are loved and even if by no one else, you are loved by ME. 💗👬👭👫✌️”

We think it’s wonderful that Demi is standing up for what she believes in and it spreading a positive message for people to see and be inspired by! 🙂

Demi Lovato Supports Human Rights Campaign With New Video!



Demi Lovato is a well known supporter of the LGBT community and she has recently recorded a new video to support the Human Rights Campaign.

Check out the video “Americans For Marriage Equality” to see Demi share some wonderful, supportive words below!

Demi Lovato Shares Even MORE Of Her ‘NYC Pride’ Adventures!



Demi Lovato had such a blast at NYC Pride this weekend that she can’t stop sharing pics from the night. Demi took to her Twitter today to share even more fun photos from her awesome weekend supporting the LGBT community, starting where it all began in the photo above.

Check out EVEN MORE excellent “Pride” pics featuring Demi below as she meets fans, performs, and even channels her inner Queen!

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