Miley Cyrus Starts “Dear Jesse” Project, Asks Fans To Join In! – Details Here!

dear jesse

As we all remember, Miley Cyrus brought homeless youth Jesse Helt as her date to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards where he made a touching speech that got to all of our hearts. Unfortunately, Jesse was sadly arrested shortly there after, but Miley is doing all she can to help Jesse as well as millions of other homeless youth in the US and worldwide who struggle.

Miley took to her Facebook page on November 3rd to let fans know how they can contact Jesse and send him their support. Miley says, “Show your support for Jesse and other homeless youth! Send letters, questions and drawings for Jesse to! We will send him your letters and share his answers to some of your questions soon! #dearjesse” She went to on her Instagram adding, “Send letters, questions, poetry, art, ways Jesse inspired you, ways you’ve been involved in our mission to bring awareness and eradicate youth homelessness using #dearjesse πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–”

We think that is a very sweet and thoughtful way to send your love and support to Jesse and spread awareness about homeless youth and their need for assistance. Be sure to send in your letters and keep all people dealing with the the difficulty of homeless in your thoughts! Way to go Miley, and Jesse, our thoughts are with you!


Laura Marano Had Fun In Detroit

laura marano giftLaura Marano had a great day at the Autorama show in Detroit yesterday (March 8th). On her Instagram, she shared a picture of all the sweet presents and letters she received from many of her adoring fans. Laura says, “Thank you Detroit SOOO much! You all were ridiculously sweet! I love my gifts and letters 😍😍😍❀”

Were you able to meet Laura at the Autorama yesterday in Detroit?

Austin Mahone Reads Some Mail From His Fans! @austinmahone

austinWhile many folks were running around on Christmas Day, Austin Mahone seems to have taken it easy for the holiday. With a couple of Christmas songs shared by Austin while in the hotel, there was no Christmas song this time. The star decided to read some fan mail and shared it with his fans! From short to long letters, he read a couple and thanks his Mahomies for the letters. He also tweeted:

“Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and i wanna say i love you guys so much ❀ You are my family, my best friends, my everything… thank you.”

Check out the video below of Austin reading some letters!

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