The Lego Movie Set For Blu-Ray & DVD Release June 17th



The Lego Movie is officially set for Blu-Ray and DVD release on June 17th. The Lego Movie broke box office records when it was released in theaters earlier this year, and now your chance to own it is almost here! If you can’t wait til June 17th to get your Lego fix, you can download it in digital HD now!

Who is your favorite character in The Lego Movie? Leave your answer in the comment box below!

The Simpsons To Air An Entire Episode In Lego Form

The television show The Simpsons has always been at the forefront for groundbreaking TV and has had massive success over the past few decades. Now, along with the major success of the recent Lego Movie, fans will be excited to know that a fully Lego format episode of The Simpsons is set to air May 4th on Fox!

Believe it or not, the actual episode was not inspired by The Lego movie but was already in production before hand. Despite not being related, we know that fans of both The Simpsons and the Lego franchise will enjoy watching the two as one.

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