New Miley Cyrus Song Leak! – Listen Here!



Yes, you read that correctly folks, Miley Cyrus has had a new song leak! Check out the track entitled “Fun” which features E-40, Juicy J, & Ty Dolla $ign below and let us know what you think in the comment box!

Breaking News! New Photos From Star Wars VII Leak! – Link Here!



That’s right guys, your eyes do not deceive you, that really is a behind the scenes photo of the new Millennium Falcon from the set of Star Wars VII which is currently being filmed in Abu Dhabi. Over 45 photos have been leaked from the set and can be seen here:

Be sure to check them out before they vanish back to a galaxy far, far away! 😉

An Unreleased Nick Jonas Demo? Yes, Please! Listen To The Never-Before-Heard Track Here Now!

Nick Jonas

Thought it would be awhile before you heard anything new from any of the Jonas Brothers? Think again! Well, sort of. While this newly surfaced track entitled “Break The Silence” may be new to our ears, sources say it was recorded in 2011 and was most likely a demo available for purchase by other artists. Since we haven’t heard it hit the radio yet, it’s probably safe to say this one ended up back in the vault, but we were still as excited as ever to get a taste of what Nick was slaving away on back in the “Beat Lab” (his affectionate nickname for his recording studio) days as he was honing his writing and producing skills with other musicians.

Check out the leak below and let us know what you think — should Nick use it on a future project? Can you imagine another artist singing it? If so, who? Do you think the song was written with a particular girl in mind? We’ve got some good ideas but we want to hear yours!

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Justin Bieber’s Five New ‘Journals’ Songs Leak Prior To Midnight Release — Listen Now!

Justin Bieber, 'Journals' Cover Art

Thought you’d have to wait until midnight to hear the five new tracks on Justin Bieber’s Journals album? Think again! The new songs — which will be featured on the full-length collection along with all his previous “Music Mondays” offerings — just leaked, and you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and listen to them all right now!

Check out the Diplo-produced “Memphis” featuring Big Sean, “What’s Hatnin” featuring Future, “One Life,” “Backpack” featuring Lil Wayne, and “Swap It Out” below and be sure to buy or complete the album on iTunes upon its official release later tonight!

ETA: You can now purchase the album on iTunes here!

Little Mix’s “Little Me” Music Video Leaks — Watch It Here Now!

Little Mix, "Little Me" Music Video

Earlier, we brought you the cool lyric video for Little Mix’s new single “Little Me” off their second studio album Salute to tide you over until the official music video dropped — well, the wait is over a bit sooner than expected! The girls’ video for their empowering anthem leaked online tonight and you can watch it right here. There’s no telling when or if it’ll be taken down prior to the official release on their VEVO channel, so don’t wait:  check out the touching video — shot entirely in poignant black and white — now and let us know what you think!

ETA: Little Mix has now debuted the video officially on their channel, so watch again and again below and get that view count up, Mixers!

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