Katy Perry Shares The World’s Worst “Birthday” Party Entertainers Featured In Upcoming Music Video!


Pop singer Katy Perry recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Katy talked about several of things and one of those things was about her upcoming music video for her new single called “Birthday.” During her interview with Jimmy, Katy reveals that her music video is clips of herself at actual real life birthday parties where Katy is in disguise as different characters. What are those characters? Well, Katy shared a new video of all the characters featured in the upcoming video. Along with the video she posted, Katy wrote:

“Meet my INSANE friends – Goldie, Yosef, Kriss, Ace, and Mandee!”

Meet all of her “friends” (who are actually Katy) by watching the video and let us know what you think by commenting!

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