Nick Jonas Is On The Cover Of ‘Attitude’ Magazine! – See The Cover Here!


Nick Jonas shows off just how sexy he is as he covers Attitude Magazine’s December 2014 issue! Nick shared a photo of his cover on Twitter and wrote:

“Thanks to for having me on the cover!”

The magazine replied to Nick with the following:

“No thank you, the pleasure was all ours!”

Inside the magazine, Nick opens us about his teen image and how he worked out to get fit for his new role in the martial arts drama series Kingdom. Be sure to check out Nick’s cover in the photo above and let us know what you think by commenting!

Nick Jonas Goes Shirtless For ‘Details’ Magazine Feature!


Nick Jonas shows off his amazing figure and those sexy abs in a new feature piece for Details magazine’s latest issue. Nick talks about fitness, dieting, working out and his show Kingdom with the magazine.

On how diabetes affects his diet: “I don’t have the luxury of eating whatever I want whenever I want anyway, because of my type 1 diabetes, so I have been conscientious about food for a long time. I do have guilty pleasures, though.”

On getting in shape for Kingdom: “I had about six weeks to put on 12 to 15 pounds of muscle before filming started on [DirecTV’s] Kingdom— my character is a fighter whose strong suits are wrestling and grappling. When I was getting in shape for the show, I was doing three sessions a day: one fight-training with Kingdom’s coach, Joe “Daddy” Stephenson, and two strength-building with Gregg. Each workout focused on a different region of the body—upper body, core, or legs—and we’d do a circuit of six different moves for one area. Lifting a lot of weights, really trying to break the muscles down.”

Be sure to check out more shirtless pics of Nick from the magazine below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Photo Credits: Details Magazine


Bulging Muscles With Nick Jonas In ‘Kingdom’ Promo Photo!

Today, September 4th, Nick Jonas shared the above promo photo for his upcoming show “Kingdom” to his Instagram account.

“On top of #JEALOUS coming out on September 8th here’s a promo pic for Kingdom. Premiere on October 8th”

Nick will be portraying a kick boxer in training to become one of the best and judging by this picture, we are sure to see lots of shirtless Nick with the premiere of “Kingdom” on October 8th!


Nick Jonas Talks About His New Music & New TV Role With ‘OK! Magazine’

Nick Jonas recently sat down with OK! Magazine to discuss his new music, his new upcoming television role, and more! Nick has had quite a busy year between recording, making appearances, and filming. You can read his interview with OK! below, and don’t forget that Nick’s new single “Jealous” is set to drop on September 7th! We can’t wait to see and hear what Nick has in store for us next!

OK! Magazine: Your new single, “Chains,” is a dramatic R&B track about being entangled in a volatile relationship. What does the song mean to you?

Nick Jonas: I think what’s great about “Chains”—and the reason I really connect with it—is that anyone can make it about whatever chains are in their life. For me, it’s about trying to be a bold and fearless artist. So, to me, the chains are fear.

OK!: What made you want to self-title the album?

NJ: It seemed like the right thing to do to show that this is who I am now. This is the kind of music I want to create, and these are the statements that I want to make. And I want [my fans] to come along on that journey with me.

OK!: You play an MMA fighter on DirecTV’s Kingdom. How did you prove you could take on the part?

NJ: I had to work really hard in the audition process to show the crew and everyone at the studio that I could handle the role. I sank my teeth into it. My character, Nate, internalizes a lot of his struggles. The thing I was most drawn to is the idea that when you train for something your entire life and that thing is taken away, then who’s there for you? What matters? All those questions you ask yourself—that’s what happens to my character this season.

OK!: We’ve heard that your old Camp Rock costar—and your brother Joe Jonas’s ex—Demi Lovato makes an appearance on your album?

NJ: Yes, Demi and I recorded a duet called “Avalanche.” It’s a beautiful song about a relationship that’s breaking down. It’s not necessarily romantic or a love song, but there is a deep and long relationship between Demi and me that we touch on in the song. After singing with each other for almost eight years, it [came together] really quickly.

OK!: As you venture into your solo career, is there any advice you’ve gotten that’s stuck with you?

NJ: Early in the Jonas Brothers’ career, Nick Carter, of all people, said to us, “Watch the people you admire most—and learn from their mistakes.” That’s actually really solid advice.

Nick Jonas Talks Music & Bulking Up For His Role In ‘Kingdom!’ – Video Here!


Nick Jonas took time out of his busy schedule at the recent VMA’s red carpet to chat with KIIS FM in Los Angeles, California about his new music and what he had to go through to bulk up for his new role in ‘Kingdom.”

Check out what’s next for Nick below!

Nick Jonas Ready For A Fight At BKB Event — See His Pics!!

Nick BKB

Nick Jonas looked like he could step into the ring and knock someone out as he attended the Big Knockout Boxing event held in Las Vegas on Aug. 16th.

This falls right into Nick’s new project called “Kingdom” where he will be portraying a prized fighter. Research for his role maybe?

Check out more awesome pics of Nick below!

noo noo1 noo2

Nick Jonas Turns Prizefighter For His Upcoming Series ‘Kingdom’ — CHECK IT OUT!


Nick Jonas has always had a clean-cut image from his days as a member of The Jonas Brothers boyband. The 21 year-old made quick work of that appearance with a shaved head, muscular physique, and profanity-laden script. The new series from DIRECTV’s Audience is about an MMA cagefighter named Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas), “it centers around the patriarch, his two sons (the younger of which is played by Nick), and his estranged wife (played by Joanna Going), who is battling drug addiction.”

A trailer for the series was released today and its pretty graphic, so we won’t feature it here but you can find it on YouTube.

Kingdom premieres on DirecTV’s Audience Network on October 8, 2014.

Photo Credits: DirecTV Audience

Nick Jonas And Cast Of ‘Kingdom’ Present Show At TCA Tour — Photos Here!

Yesterday, July 12, Nick Jonas and the cast of new DirectTV show “Kingdom” presented their show at the Summer 2014 TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“Kingdom” is the story of the owner and trainer of MMA gym in Venice, CA, Navy St.  Frank Grillo plays the owner, Alvey Kulina,  who is looking to develop the next generation of fighters, including his sons Jay(Johnathan Tucker) and Nate(Nick Jonas).  The show will premiere on October 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Check out the pictures of the cast at the DirecTV panel and the cast photos below!

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