KingBach Hosting Charity Dodgeball Tournament This Weekend With Other Viners!!!


This Saturday, Kingbach will be hosting a charity dodgeball tournament in LA (California) from 1 – 6 PM. The event is powered by Neff Headwear and the exact address for the event is: 680 Imperial Street Los Angeles, CA 90021.

All proceeds for the event will benefit the RuJohn Foundation along with first place winning $500 AND a musical performance by Rudy Mancuso. On top of Kingbach and Rudy Mancuso, there will be other Viners and special guests that people will be battling against. The list can be found below! For more information go here!

  • Curtis Lepore
  • Jerry Purpdrank
  • Marcus Johns
  • Logan Paul
  • Destorm Power
  • Jaleel White
  • Alphacat
  • Max Jr.
  • Klarity
  • Melvin Gregg
  • Alphonso McAuley
  • Khleo Thomas
  • Lamorne Morris
  • Splack 19
  • Big Daddy Kane

Meet Some Of Your Favorite Social Media Celebs At Socialcon Chicago!!!


Social Media has proven itself time and time again that it can help unknown talent get recognized. Nowadays, a person with talent can go a long way with the right networking skills and a phone. Recently, there have been numerous talented stars recognized and popularized from social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube, and Twitter, some even make a living. Some of these celebs include the likes of: KingBach, Cameron Dallas, Destorm Power, Nash Grier, and many more.

These powerhouse celebs are commonly even more popular than Television celebrities or national athletes. Together in one place, thousands and even millions of fans come together to meet them when there are conventions. On August 23rd-24th, there will be a convention of 18 social media celebrities that will be part of a convention in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center of Chicago.

The celebs will be: KingBach, Destorm Power, Reggie Couz, Tyler Ward, DJ And Drummer, Princess Lauren, Josh Peck, Superwoman, The HillyWoods, Cody Johns, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Toby Randall, Anthony Quintal, Kingsley, and an unknown celeb that has yet to be picked!

These celebs will be doing different events such as meet and greets, photo-ops, interviews, and so on! For more information and ticket information/purchase, go here!

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