Karan Brar Shares Behind-The-Scenes Videos From The Set Of ‘Jessie’ – Watch Here!


Last week, Karan Brar, star of popular Disney Channel show Jessie, posted two behind the scenes clips of the show. We made a post about the behind the scenes video, which can be found here.

Earlier today, Karan Brar posted another behind the scenes clip, the episode was: “Lights Camera Distraction”. It is the 17th episode of this season (Season 3) and the 69th episode overall. In the episode, Jessie participates in a film festival and recruits the kids along with Bertram to participate in filming, producing, and acting.

This specific behind the scenes clip shows them dancing to Indian music while wearing traditional Indian clothing. The episode came out last night (the 11th) and the behind the scenes was uploaded earlier today! Check out the video below!

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Final Week To Vote For The RealityWanted TV Awards


With more than 250,000 votes already cast, the race to the finish heats up this week for the 2014 RealityWanted TV Awards.

Just like any good Reality TV competition, the final stretch will likely prove to be the most important. Fans and nominees alike have reached out on social media to rally for more votes with some stars finding very unique ways to incorporate iconic television stars in their campaigns with the hopes of increasing visibility and votes.

Kevin Jupina of Bering Sea Gold on Discovery Channel connected with iconic television star William Shatner on Twitter by first asking him to a “Bro Date” to the awards. Jupina posted a photo of himself holding a sign with the written request and the hash tag #Dredging4Shatner. A few exchanges later Shatner sent out a Tweet to encourage his 1.8 million followers to vote for Jupina’s show which is nominated for an award.

The RealityWanted TV Awards are Reality Television’s only award show specifically designated for unscripted television shows. With the rapid increase in popularity, the award show itself is quickly becoming its own celebrity. Their Facebook page alone has see an increase of over 20,000 actual fan followers in just weeks.

“We have had some really amazing interaction between the reality stars, fans, and other celebrities this week which is clearly working. Last year we had 100,000 votes total and by the end of this week we hope to have tripled that number” stated the award show’s Public Relations Manager, Jody Taylor of Sixty5 Media.

“What has been a blast is working with the reality stars to incorporate creative ways for them to not just increase visibility but to keep fans interest online so they continue to vote. We have some fun stuff planned this week to finish strong” added Taylor.

Fans can log on the direct voting link at www.TheRealityVote.com and vote once daily until the voting concludes on April 5th. Results will be tallied and sealed until the envelopes are opened at the RealityWanted TV Awards ceremony.

For all other general information visit the official website at www.RealityWantedAwards.com. Follow the awards on Twitter @RealityAwardsTV and on Facebook atwww.Facebook.com/RealityTVAwards.

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