Singer KȆTA Teams Up With LymeLight Foundation & Stageit For Benefit Show!


Singer-songwriter KȆTA is teaming with the LymeLight Foundation and Stageit for a special benefit show that will stream live on Thursday, Dec.4th at 5pm PST. The concert will benefit the LymeLight Foundation, an organization that helps children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication, as well as raise awareness about the disease.

Fans can catch the show on Stageit (, a live streaming platform that enables artists to deliver and monetize exclusive live performances while allowing fans to tune in and interact anywhere in the world from their mobile device or computer.

Raising funds and awareness for victims of Lyme disease is a cause near and dear to Kȇta’s heart. At age 10, a case of Lyme disease triggered a fast and drastic decline in her health. Misdiagnosed for a year, Kȇta entered an advanced stage of the disease and a challenging health crisis. “My life was all doctor’s appointments, tests, needles and experiments with different medications,” recalls Keta. “I remember lying in bed thinking that I needed to rethink my entire life and who I was going to be.” Thanks to successful treatments and her own determination to overcome her disease, Kȇta began her recovery at age 12, eventually fighting her way back to health. Born into a musical family—mom is a classically trained violinist and vocalist, dad plays guitar and both sisters are also singers— Kȇta’s drive to create songs played a huge role in the healing process. “It’s always been my passion,” she says. “I can’t imagine doing anything different with my life.”

“LymeLight Foundation is grateful that Keta will be sharing her talent and enthusiasm in support of our mission,” states LymeLight Foundation’s Development Director Phyllis Bedford. “We applaud her willingness to get involved. She will be an incredible encouragement to our grant recipients especially since she is close in age. By triumphing over Lyme disease and pursuing her dream, Kȇta will bring hopes of healing to those suffering. Kȇta’s music and lyrics will be in inspiration to all.”

Says Kȇta, “I am so excited to be a part of LymeLight! This fight against Lyme needs to be a group effort. We need to help each other press on and lift each other up as a community. I’m excited to take a stand by doing this amazing live charity concert and start doing my part in helping every way I can! This is super important to me and I feel more awareness needs to be brought to this illness.”

The December 4th show will see Kȇta performing songs from her new EP, Generation Call, a stunning atmospheric blend of softly curved melodies, lush electronics and honeyed vocals singing irresistible hooks. She’ll also be performing new song  “Wooden Horses,” which can be heard here:

The EP follows a buzz-generating string of west coast dates held earlier this year, when Kȇta opened for fast-rising Capitol artist Sam Smith. The shows, her first-ever live performances, prompted Restless Cities to describe her as “quite a force” and Buzz Bands LA to compare her sound to the likes of Mumford & Sons and write, “if pop songs with thoughtful melodies, intricate banjo and stomping percussion is your thing, then you’ll most likely be hitting the repeat button after first listen.”

From a musical standpoint, Kȇta cites influences ranging from Elvis and the Supremes to Rachmaninoff and Fugazi. And her intensely inspiring mix of lyrical honesty and optimism makes her songs feel like a diary sneak peek. “My music is driven from things I’ve personally gone through. My goal is always to recognize the negative to bring out the positive. I believe that life is what you make it.”

Don’t miss your chance to catch Kȇta live on Stageit December 4th at 5pm PST.

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