Radio Disney Interviews The Stars Of ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ — Watch Now

muppetsRadio Disney’s own Candice had herself a great sit down with the cast of the new movie, Muppets Most Wanted.. She was able to meet up with and interview with well-known Muppets, Miss Piggy and Kermit, as well as speaking with Kermit’s look-a-like, Constantine. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey give you great details about their characters and the Muppets, including what Miss Piggy is like off camera!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Candice’s interview below! Remember, Muppets Most Wanted is in theaters now! Have you seen this great movie yet?


Disney’s The Muppets Official Music Video For Single: “I’ll Get You What You Want” – Watch Now!


Disney’s Muppets: Most Wanted has officially hit theaters and if you can’t get enough of The Muppets, a new music video has just been released for their song called “I’ll Get You What You Want.” While Bret McKenzie sings the hit song, we see that in the video Constantine sings to Miss Piggy. Kermit the Frog’s look-a-like tries to convince the fabulous Miss Piggy that he is the one for her and he can certainly give her everything she wants.

Check out the official music video by watching it below and let us know what you think by commenting!

The Muppets Audition To Host The 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards! – Watch Now!


A few characters from Disney’s The Muppets Most Wanted auditioned with Morgan and Maddy from Radio Disney to be the host for the upcoming 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards! Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and other Muppets tried to prove they have what it takes to be the host.

Check out their auditions by watching the video below and let us know if you think the Muppets have what it takes! Would you like to see one of the Muppets host the RDMAs?!

The Muppets Wish Everyone A Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – Watch Now!


Disney’s The Muppets wished everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Kermit the Frog gave the message on behalf of his crew. Who else but Kermit who is green!! Be sure to check out the adorable video message below!

Also, The Muppets Most Wanted comes out in theaters this Friday, March 21, 2014 so be sure to get your tickets! From all of us here at TI, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Muppets Most Wanted Wish Everyone A Happy Valentine’s Day! – See Their Message Here!

muppetsHappy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of this holiday, The Muppets are showing some love with a Valentine’s Day video they made for fans. Of course, it’s also to promote the upcoming Disney movie Muppets Most Wanted.

Check out the cute video below and see who stole a kiss from Miss Piggy which was meant for Kermit.

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