Are You Following Kat McNamara On Twitter? Because You Need To — Giveaway Today!

Kat McNamara just might be the QUEEN of giveaways! With that being said, Kat is going to be doing a giveaway later on today!  So, as the headline reads, you NEED to be following this gorgeous red-head on Twitter as soon as possible!

So many celebrities are just as in love with their fans as their fans are in love with them, and the relationship between Kat and her KitKats is one of those!


Kat McNamara Gets A Surprise In New York City

kat McNamara SurpriseFrom Kat’s Tumblr: Today was such an amazing start to a wonderful weekend. @Joel_Courtney @BrandonGallie @TelleCourtney. Mom, thank you so much for orchestrating this beautiful surprise time in NYC with my closest friends. Joel and Brandon, thank you for being such good sports and for being the most incredible best friends and literally flying across the country to celebrate my 18th birthday with me. You truly are amazing in every way. Telle, I’m so glad you’re here to share in the fun! This is gonna be a great one, you know dats right! 🙂

Kat Surprise 2

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