First Look At Season 2 Of MTV’s ‘Faking It’


September 23 cannot come fast enough!  MTVs Faking It will be returning for a second season and “no secret is safe!”

Watch the season two trailer HERE and be sure to check out the Season 2 promotional video below!

You can also get tickets to watch the premiere with the cast on September 12 by clicking the link here!

Temara Melek Explains Why “Karma’s Not Pretty”!


Sweety High has been busy with award show season in full swing, which also means a lot of movie premieres — fresh off the Mr. Peabody & Sherman premiere, they were able to sit down with rising star Temara Melek to catch up on things.

Temara Melek is a 15-year-old singer-songwriter originally from Colorado whose musical talents have allowed her to open for Demi Lovato and film a video alongside the stars of Pretty Little Liars!

We recently spoke with the artist about her biggest achievements, inspirations and the next big move in her career!

Temara Melek has been singing for as long as she can remember, participating in pageants and small performances from the time she was little.

Four years ago, when Temara was 13, she moved to California and started working with a vocal coach.

“That’s when I started writing my own music and decided that’s what I wanted to do as a career,” she said.

Temara is best known for her single “Karma’s Not Pretty,” which she said may or may not have been based on a real life experience.

“The song is about how I had this great boyfriend, but then he decided to flirt with my best friend,” she explained. “I move on to this great guy who I really like, and he misses out.”

She told us she wrote the song as a kind of karmic warning.

“I just want people to know what goes around come around,” she said. “Karma is not a good thing and it is real, so be careful what you do!”

Last year, Temara released a music video for “Karma’s Not Pretty,” featuring Gregg Sulkin and Keegan Allen from ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars.

It was an amazing experience,” she said. “I was huge a fan of them, and when I finally met them on set they were both really nice guys and we had a lot of fun filming.”

Temara cited powerful women in pop as some of her musical inspirations.

“My biggest music influence is probably Miley Cyrus, I am a huge fan of her,” Temara said. “I just saw her in concert and she is one of my favorite artists. Taylor Swift is also an amazing singer and I love how she writes all her music from personal experiences.”

She is also a big fan of Demi Lovato, and even got to open up for her last year in October as a part of the Neon Lights Experience tour!

“That experience was amazing,” she said. “It was definitely the biggest performance I’ve ever done, and being able to share the stage with Demi Lovato was awesome. I was very nervous, but it was a really cool experience.”

Some media outlets have even taken to called Temara Melek the “teen Katy Perry.”

“That’s really crazy,” Temara commented on the nickname. “I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry, so it’s really weird when I hear that, but it makes me really excited because I would definitely love to have a career like her someday.”

And just like Katy Perry with her Katycats, Temara’s fans are called Tematics!

Currently, Temara is in Nashville recording with her producer. She plans to release an album later this year, but will also have a new single and music video out late this spring!

We really can’t wait to hear what Temara Melek will release next! To keep up with all of the latest updates, follow her social channels below, and become a part of our community at! Also you can checkout the full interview on SweetyHigh here.

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Justin Bieber Adds A New Member To The Family – A Puppy! @justinbieber

bieberFor  the holiday season, Justin Bieber has been spending some quality time with his family in Canada. The family has been doing all types of things together including snowmobiling, relaxing and shopping! During one shopping trip, Justin decided to adopt an adorable American Pitbull puppy. Justin’s father, Jeremy, shared the photo of the new additional and the Biebers even allowed their fans to pick the name of the new pet! Jeremy tweeted:

“So were gona let one lucky #belieber name @justinbieber s new puppy…. Follow and find out how it can be you “

Finally, a name was picked and Jeremy tweeted the exciting news:

“so we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber. Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it “.Karma””

Congratulations! Karma is absolutely the cutest!

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