Justin Bieber Hangs Out With His Mom!

Today, July 16, Justin Bieber posted a selfie of him with his mother and a friend.  The photo was posted to Instagram and twitter with the caption “With mom #selfie.”

I personally love to see our favorite celebrities with their parents!  For one, it proves that it really is cool to love your mom and dad!

Justin Bieber’s Five New ‘Journals’ Songs Leak Prior To Midnight Release — Listen Now!

Justin Bieber, 'Journals' Cover Art

Thought you’d have to wait until midnight to hear the five new tracks on Justin Bieber’s Journals album? Think again! The new songs — which will be featured on the full-length collection along with all his previous “Music Mondays” offerings — just leaked, and you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and listen to them all right now!

Check out the Diplo-produced “Memphis” featuring Big Sean, “What’s Hatnin” featuring Future, “One Life,” “Backpack” featuring Lil Wayne, and “Swap It Out” below and be sure to buy or complete the album on iTunes upon its official release later tonight!

ETA: You can now purchase the album on iTunes here!

Justin Bieber Gives Preview For Three Additional Tracks Off Album @justinbieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber has released previews of his three additional tracks off of his album, Journals. The titles of the tracks are “Swap it Out,” “One Life,” and “What’s Hatnin’.” Check out the previews that Justin posted on his Instagram.

Click here for “Swap it Out” preview.

Click here for “One Life” preview.

Click here for “What’s Hatnin'” preview.

Justin Bieber’s “Complete My Journals” Coming December 16! @justinbieber

Justin BieberJustin Bieber revealed a new cover art for his new and upcoming CD with the entire collection of his Music Mondays series. The CD will feature the complete collection so you have all the songs all in one place! The CD will be available on iTunes Monday, December 16th. The album is titled: “Justin Bieber: Complete My Journals.” Get ready!

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