Vanessa Hudgens Takes A Solo Run In Runyon Canyon — Check Out The Pics!

We totally envy Vanessa Hudgens’s dedication to keeping fit! After taking a hike early on Tuesday morning, she hit Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA again for a run on Thursday (March 20).

Striking out solo in a black and white Nike jacket, she set her own pace to the music playing in her Beats headphones and, as usual, tried to stay incognito — no such luck! — under a baseball cap. She even challenged herself by wearing ankle weights strapped on over her gray leggings!

Check out some pics of V’s Thursday morning run in the gallery below now:

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Vanessa Hudgens Dons Disney-Inspired “Dank” Marijuana Tank On Runyon Canyon Run — See The Pics!

From Disney to… “dank” — or high quality — bud, apparently! While heading out for a run in Runyon Canyon park in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday (January 29th), Vanessa Hudgens removed her Pink Floyd sweatshirt to reveal a white MYVL bralet with the word “dank” printed on it in the style of the Disney logo with an upside-down marijuana leaf in place of the “A”.

Despite the paparazzi eager to get a shot of her — especially in the top that does plenty to distance her further from her Disney kid image — Vanessa kept her attention focused on her run, eyes shielded at times by her leather cap as she moved in time to the music streaming from her white Beats headphones.

Check out all the pics of Vanessa out for her run in the gallery below and let us know what you think of her taking a public pro-marijuana stance.

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