Joey Rocks Out On All New ‘Melissa & Joey’ — Sneak Peeks!!



MELISSA & JOEY – “Face The Music” – Mel encourages Dani to develop her natural musical abilities, much to the chagrin of Joe, on an all-new episode of “Melissa & Joey,” airing Wednesday, February 18 (8:00PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.

Mel discovers Dani is something of a musical prodigy and gets her a piano to foster Dani’s dreams. But she’s caught off guard to find Joe opposed to it, until she uncovers his secret musical past in a boy band. This episode features Joey Lawrence singing “911.”

Meanwhile, Lennox pressures Zander (guest star Sterling Knight) to choose between working on “Cassandra: The Movie” with her, or continuing a relationship with his possessive girlfriend, Lilah (guest star Ayla Kell).

A Returned Wedding Gift Poses A Problem On An All-New ‘Melissa & Joey’ — Pics & Vid!


On an all-new Melissa & Joey, Wednesday, February 11 at 8/7c, “Thanks, But No Thanks” — Mel and Joe write their thank you cards to everyone who sent them a wedding gift. Mel goes overboard thanking her Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bert (guest stars Valerie Harper and Peter Bonerz) for a huge cappuccino machine she and Joe actually hate. She has Joe return the machine to the store, but then gets notice that Bunny and Bert are on their way to visit the newlyweds. Meanwhile, Marco (guest star Kevin Fonteyne) gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Check out promo and pics from the new episode below!

Has Melissa Lost Faith In Joey’s Skills On All New ‘Melissa & Joey’? — Previews!!


MELISSA & JOEY– “Failure To Communicate” – Mel sneaks a repairman into the house after Joe declares he can fix the family’s computer, on an all-new episode of “Melissa & Joey,” airing Wednesday, February 4 (8:00PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.

It’s Ryder’s 18th birthday, and the family gathers to video chat with him, but the computer crashes before they get a chance to talk. Joe insists he can fix it, but Mel is afraid they’ll run out of time, so she secretly hires a Jiffy Nerd computer technician behind Joe’s back.

Someone’s Ready To Start A Family On All New ‘Melissa & Joey’ — Previews!!


MELISSA & JOEY – “Let’s Get Started” – Mel and Joe find themselves on opposite sides when he’s ready to start a family right away, but she wants to wait, on an all-new episode of “Melissa & Joey,” airing Wednesday, January 28 (8:00PM ET/PT) on ABC Family

Photos/Videos: ABC Family

Who’s Really In Charge On An All New ‘Melissa & Joey’? — Previews!!


MELISSA & JOEY – “The Day After” – Joe puts his foot down on parenting Dani, but Mel—wanting to be the “cool” stepmom—lets Dani break the rules on an all new episode of “Melissa & Joey,” airing Wednesday, January 21 (8:00PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.\


It’s The Honeymoon From Hell On Season Premiere Of ‘Melissa & Joey’ — Previews!!


MELISSA & JOEY – “The Honeymooners” – Joe surprises Mel with a honeymoon getaway, but things don’t go as planned on the season premiere of “Melissa @ Joey,” airing Wednesday, January 14 (8:00PM ET/PT) on ABC Family.


Take A Trip Back In Time On Melissa & Joey Christmas Special– Previews!!


“Melissa & Joey” (8PM-8:30PM ET/PT) – In “A Melanie & Josiah Christmas” It’s Mel and Joe’s first Christmas as a couple, which leads to a competition over whose family ornament should take the prestigious top spot on the tree. To defend her ornament’s worthiness, Mel tells an elaborate tale about how the star came into her family over 100 years ago. Her great-great-grandmother Melanie was engaged to the town’s rich bachelor, Allistair, but her heart belonged to the lowly stable boy, Josiah. Trevor Donovan and Christopher Rich guest star.

Melissa Joan Hart Talks New Season 4 Of ‘Melissa & Joey’!


What can we expect from this new season of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey? How is the season different in comparison to others? In a recent interview with Melissa Joan Hart, one of the main stars of the series, she talks about old characters making an appearance, new storylines and more! Find out what’s coming your way in the all-new season of Melissa & Joey!

We bring in a few new storylines.  We have now a great little actress, Jada Facer, who plays Dani, Joe’s daughter.  Then we have Kevin Fonteyne coming back as Joe’s nephew, who we saw in the Jersey episodes last year and the wedding episodes. He comes back and is fighting for Lennox. He’s in love with Lennox and she’s torn between him and Zander, played by Sterling Knight. We have a fun storyline going on there all the time between Sterling and Kevin and Taylor, a nice love triangle that’s really fun to play around with. They’re all so talented.” She states.

Then Chris Rich came back for the Christmas episode and he’ll be back for a few more. We’ll have Faith Prince back again and we had Tamara Mowry back again. We’ve been having some fun bringing back some old guest stars that we love and adore. Trevor Donovan came back for the last Christmas episode. There’s a big 1880s style duel that goes on, between him and Joey, for my hand. It’s been really fun and we had such a blast being able to bring back cast members that we’ve loved and adored through the years. That adds to not only the comedy, because we’re back some of the stronger performers, but also people that really gelled and characters that really resonated with the audience.”

Wow! So many of our favorite guest stars are returning and we can’t wait! What about you?

TI Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart On Upcoming Halloween Special!

From Sabrina the Teenage With to the new ABC Family sitcom, Melissa Joan Hart has come a long way.  TI got the chance to talk to the actress, director, producer and mom in the midst of her hectic schedule and we have the interview here for you to listen to!

Make sure to tune in to the Melissa and Joey Halloween special this Wednesday, October 22 at 8/7c!



Melissa & Joey Meets Sabrina The Teenage Witch In Halloween Special — Previews!!


MELISSA & JOEY – “Witch Came First” – In “Witch Came First,” directed by Melissa Joan Hart, Mel’s doctor (guest star Beth Broderick, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) drops by on Halloween to convince Mel she was once a teenage witch and needs to battle the evil Dark Lord. At first Mel and Joe don’t believe her, but then Joe’s Halloween robot Scary Larry comes to life and Mel accidentally turns Lennox into a cat. The special airs Wednesday, October 22 at 8pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

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