Jake Miller’s Spectacular Summerfest Performance — Watch Now!

jake millerOn July 1st, Jake Miller, along with best friend and guitarist Joey Gandolfo, made his way to Milwaukee to perform the next day (July 2nd) at one of the greatest music festivals ever, Summerfest! This popular new artist recently released an amazing video of his journey throughout the Summerfest event.

From the time he arrives at the airport surrounded by loyal fans to the second he steps on the stage, he shares with us this fun adventure. Follow him through this new video as he arrives in Milwaukee, makes guest appearances with radio stations, works in sound check and his spectacular performance for Summerfest 2014.

You can check all this out and more in the video below!

Jake Miller Releases “First Flight Home” Lyrical Music Video!

jake miller

Jake Miller is a young 21-year-old artist that’s just been living the dream as of the past few years. Releasing albums, EPs, singles, touring, making a lot of money, photo shoots, all ten yards. As of lately, there hasn’t been any announced music that he’s released, let alone any music at all. He’s been busy working on networking, touring, shooting, and so on. You can imagine that a busy schedule like that leave enough time to hit the studio.

Earlier today we had not one, but two posts pertaining Jake Miller! Both of which can be found here and here! He’s been announcing that he would be releasing a single soon, and hopefully a music video soon after. Guess what? He did both of those (well half of one). As we posted earlier, he announced that he would release his single tonight on iTunes, though the single was released a couple of minutes prior to midnight, ALONG with a lyrical music video!

The song is “First Flight Home” and essentially describes his trip and await to get home for a significant other. The lyrical music contains the journey, obviously with lyrics on-screen. The video seemed fairly inexpensive with just go-pro camera recording. Miller gives big thanks to his fans along with his very helpful DJ: Joey Gandolfo. Make sure you follow Miller on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and his Website! Make sure you check the song out below and purchase it on iTunes here!

Jake Miller’s Pre-Guava Fest Gym Session

jake miller

Flex those muscles, Jake Miller! That’s the way to do it in a gym selfie!

Jake’s spent some time in a gym session with Joey Gandolfo, Madison Bertini and an unnamed friend. The singer must have been getting some adrenaline going before heading out to the Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa today.

Workouts are always good to get the blood pumping! By the way, is it us, or is Jake’s muscles getting bigger with each gym session pic?


Jake Miller Shakes Things Up With An Earthquake Prank — Watch Now!

jake millerWith all the action of earthquakes happening recently in California, Jake Miller decides he wants to shake things up on his own with a little prank. Who is his target? Well, it happens to be his guitarist, Joey Gandolfo. With his eye on the target, he and a friend get ready to shake it up on a sleeping Joey.

Check out what happens in this funny video below and let us know what you think!

Jake Miller: Football Fun

jake millerJake Miller and his girlfriend, Madison, are getting all sporty while the sun goes down. According to Jake on his Instagram, him, Madison and Joey Gandolfo decided a bit of football fun was in order. Joey took this picture of Jake and Madison acting all tough and ready to rumble.

Nothing like a good game while waiting for the sun go down. What kind of sports/games do you do while the sun sets?

Jake Miller Enjoys Himself At Jason Derulo’s Album Release Party

jake miller jason deruloJake Miller set out last evening (April 7th) for a fun time by heading out to Jason Derulo’s album release party. The party is in celebration of Jason’s new album, Talk Dirty, which will be released this coming April 15th.

Jake shared a couple of great pictures on Instagram from the party. The pics included himself, girlfriend Madison Bertini, guitarist/friend Joey Gandolfo and, of course, Jason’s girlfriend, Jordin Sparks. Judging by the photos, it seems all of them were having a really great time.

Speaking of pictures, Jason took a crazy turn and had a photo booth featured! Jake, Madison and Joey took advantage of it, showing themselves off in a Talk Dirty booth pic! Check it out below!

jake miller

Jake Miller: Party In The Studio

jake millerWho loves to party? Jake Miller sure does! The singer parties it up at the studio yesterday (April5th) with the duo artists Timeflies, girlfriend Madison Bertini and guitarist Joey Gandolfo. What could they be celebrating? Could it be about the new music they’re making or are they just having some fun? Guess we’ll never know!

Jake does say on his Twitter that he is making number one songs with Timeflies, so that could be it. Either way, party on, Jake!

Jake Miller: Great End To A Warner Bros. Tour

jake miller joey gandolfo edgar estevesThe VIP tour of the Warner Bros. Studio came to an end, but Jake Miller and his friends got a great deal out of it. Jake, Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves pose for a trio selfie showing off some new gifts given to them by Warner Bros.. Jake tweets:

Look at that! You got yourselves some souvenirs! They look great on you guys!

Jake Miller’s Late Night Jacuzzi Session With Madison — See Pic Here

jake miller madison bertiniThere’s nothing like relaxing in a jacuzzi late at night, especially in California. Singer Jake Miller seemed to enjoy it, taking a sweet eye-candy picture with girlfriend, Madison Bertini, steam effect included. Must have been a little party as Jake mentions Joey Gandolfo and Edgar Esteves as well. Hope you guys had a great night!

Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo: Pool Boys

poolThere’s a chance you might have seen a bit of sculpted eye candy known as Jake Miller and his guitarist, Joey Gandolfo if you’re lounging by the poolside in L.A.. The two decided to take a dip during another beautiful day in California. Who wouldn’t want to be swimming right now?

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