Miley Cyrus Starts “Dear Jesse” Project, Asks Fans To Join In! – Details Here!

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As we all remember, Miley Cyrus brought homeless youth Jesse Helt as her date to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards where he made a touching speech that got to all of our hearts. Unfortunately, Jesse was sadly arrested shortly there after, but Miley is doing all she can to help Jesse as well as millions of other homeless youth in the US and worldwide who struggle.

Miley took to her Facebook page on November 3rd to let fans know how they can contact Jesse and send him their support. Miley says, “Show your support for Jesse and other homeless youth! Send letters, questions and drawings for Jesse to! We will send him your letters and share his answers to some of your questions soon! #dearjesse” She went to on her Instagram adding, “Send letters, questions, poetry, art, ways Jesse inspired you, ways you’ve been involved in our mission to bring awareness and eradicate youth homelessness using #dearjesse 💖💖💖”

We think that is a very sweet and thoughtful way to send your love and support to Jesse and spread awareness about homeless youth and their need for assistance. Be sure to send in your letters and keep all people dealing with the the difficulty of homeless in your thoughts! Way to go Miley, and Jesse, our thoughts are with you!


Miley Cyrus To Help With VMA Date Jesse Helt’s Legal Fees

As we recently reported, Miley Cyrus’ VMA Jesse Helt was discovered to have a warrant out for his arrest for some past small crimes in Oregon. Jesse has stepped up to his responsibilities and turned himself in, but never fear, his new friend Miley is here to help!

It has been reported that Miley will be helping Jesse with his legal fees and once completed the duo plan to continue to help the many homeless youth around LA and the world.

Trevor Neilson, the president of G2 Investment Group and co-founder of Global Philanthropy Group has issued a statement saying, “Jesse Helt turned himself in tonight to Polk County authorities to address his outstanding legal issues. Miley Cyrus will be assisting him with this process, and they both are committed to working to help the other 1.6 million youth who experience homelessness in America each year.”

We think that it’s wonderful that Miley is standing by Jesse’s side as he works through this time to move on with his life. As Jesse’s mom Linda has said, “God gets the glory and she gets the credit.”

We wish Jesse luck as he goes through this process!

Miley Cyrus’ Homeless Fundraising Campaign Reaches $200,000 In A Day


Miley Cyrus has helped to raise over $200,000 in just one day for a Los Angeles homeless shelter after making it aware at the VMA’s.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer sent her ‘date’, Jesse Helt to accept her “Video of the Year” award at the VMA’s on Sunday, August 24 in Inglewood, California, and he revealed that he was homeless onstage.

At the end of his acceptance speech, Helt directed the public to Miley’s Facebook page and asked fans to donate to her fundraising campaign for My Friend’s Place.

On Monday, August 25, the contributions reached $200,000 and they are still growing, according to the New York Times.

Miley Cyrus’ VMA Date Is A Wanted Man — Details Here!!


Whoops! Did Miley Cyrus mess up? It is very possible because reports are saying now that her “homeless” date, Jesse Helt is wanted on probation violations in the state of Oregon and there is an active warrant out for his arrest.

Mr. Helt was on probation for a 2010 burglary attempt to which he pleaded guilty for criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Miley is said to have met Mr. Helt via the Hollywood homeless center My Friend’s Place while he was in California seeking to be a model. It also being reported that after the VMAs that Miley gave Mr. Helt money so that he could go home to Oregon to visit his Mother.

Regardless of Mr. Helt’s legal issues it should not detract from the message about the homeless in America. It is a real problem that needs a solution.

What are your thoughts concerning this?

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