Demi Lovato Injured In A Fall — Details Here!!

Demi Injury

Demi Lovato appears to have injured herself again. Pics came out yesterday from her Meet and Greet in San Antonio, Texas, Sept 19th, showing the songstress with her arm in a sling.

It is being reported that she got the injury in a fall but no other details about how serious that the injury is.  Demi also tweeted about the injury saying that she would not be able to play guitar for a bit. She doesn’t seem to be letting it interfere with her World Tour right now.

We hope that the injury is not serious and that she will get well soon. What are your thoughts about how injury prone Demi seems to be?

If this continues then all of her fans need to just pack her in bubble wrap so she will stay safe 🙂

Miley Cyrus Reveals Mystery Arm Injury In Near Naked Snap — See Here!


Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to show her fans a mysterious injury on her. The 21-year-old singer captioned the image of her bruised and bloodied elbow, with the caption: ‘busted ass naked’.

She also took to Instagram earlier on in the day to post a photo of her with a fake bum as she tried to mock singer Nicki Minaj.

See the photo below.



Liam Hemsworth Injures Ankle In Berlin



We have some painful news to report this morning. Actor Liam Hemsworth co-star of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt. 1 reportedly hurt is ankle in Berlin recently setting filming for Mockingjay back for a day. He supposedly received the injury while kicking a dummy. Ouch!

Luckily, after a doctor’s examination Liam was able to return to filming. Careful Liam! We are happy that he is feeling much better today!

How Did Ariana Grande Break Three Toes At Her Tattoo Party Last Night? You Won’t Believe It!

When we think of the sweet Ariana Grande, we don’t exactly imagine her throwing the type of house parties that result in broken toes… but that’s exactly what happened last night (March 23) when Ariana had friends over for a get-together at her Los Angeles, CA home with tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste in attendance, who inked many of them for the first time! Ariana even added another to her collection, too: the Italian word ‘bellissima’ — what her grandfather has called her her entire life — small on her side to the French phrase on the back of her neck.

During the shindig, however, Ariana — as told to Scooter Braun via text this morning — slipped in a puddle of pee left by one of her dogs, Ophelia (seen with her in the photo above), in front of everyone, slammed into a wall, and broke three toes in the process! Oh no!

She seems to be in good spirits and able to laugh about it, and even reflected back on the night positively on Twitter:

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Noah Cyrus Breaks Her Collarbone! @noahcyrus


Noah Cyrus tweeted today that she broke her collarbone! How do you think she did it? She horseback rides a lot, so its very possible that that’s how the injury happened! I guess we will have to wait to be updated to find out.

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