Midnight Red Revealed Bloopers!

midnight redYou’ve seen all the episodes of Midnight Red Revealed from Sweety High and HYPE!. Now, check out the awesome behind the scenes bloopers of the five-part series that will have you laughing! See the hilarity before your eyes right at Sweety High!

Midnight Red Revealed Episode 5

midnight red The latest, and final, episode of Midinight Red Revealed presented by Sweety High and HYPE! is finally here. This episode, titled “Take Me Home”, is basically a “confessional” video where the guys give us a Q & A session.

Follow Midnight Red as we learn about any pre-show rituals, their favorite part of touring, where they will be in a couple years and more. A variety of snippets appear throughout this episode featuring sound check, beach time, horseback riding, meet and greets with so much more!

So, check it out as Midnight Red reveals themselves in the last episode! To view it, just go to Sweety High’s website!

Midnight Red Revealed Episode 4

1401424819702Hey, Midnight Red fans! It’s been a bit of a wait, but the fourth episode of Midnight Red Revealed, brought to you by Sweety High and HYPE!, is finally here. In this newest episode of Revealed, the guys are all on their Word of Mouth Tour with The Wanted.

The video begins with a strong performance of “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Midnight Red. Then, we get background into their rehearsal and choreography time with another onstage performance at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Ice cream and a birthday also fit in there somewhere!

So check out this awesome new episode at Sweety High now!


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