AJR Gets Playground Silly — Watch Now!

ajrFans always love a chance to see their fave celebrity or music artist act silly sometimes. And fans of AJR will love the humor spread from these guys as they decided to have some fun in a park! Between a fire pole and swings, the two vines they shared will make you laugh for sure!

Check them out below and tell us your favorite one!

Teala Dunn’s Dating Advice 101 — Watch Now!

teala dunnWhat do you look for in a person? What’s the biggest turn-off? These are just a couple questions you ask yourself when you’re looking to date someone.

Actress Teala Dunn and her boyfriend(?) Davey, sit together, answering a variety of questions her new video titled “Meet My Boyfriend?”. They give their own answers, plus a piece of advice to you. Not to mention you’ll love watching the humor displayed between these two.

So, check out some Dating 101 in the video below! Happy watching!


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