Victoria Justice Shares Her Secrets For Hot Yoga


Victoria Justice has always kept pretty fit and like many of us its a constant battle. And with the new year comes, the classic new years resolution — say it with me, “I’m going to eat right and workout more!” And Victoria is no different, she tried hot yoga the other day, but before she did, she shared some of her secrets for a great hot yoga session. Or her hopes for the session tweeting, “Excited 2 sweat my brains out & do some downward dog in a 100 degree room w/ strangers! Headed 2 #BikramYoga #HopeEveryonesWearingDeodorant”” ” ” “”

Her honesty in the tweet is hilarious, I would definitely have to echo those sentiments, if you’re going to do Hot Yoga — please, for the love of all that is holy in the world, wear deodorant.

Check out Victoria’s twitter page for more of her funny tweets and Keek videos.

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