Alli Simpson Is Where For New Years?!

Alli Aus

Alli Simpson spent Christmas with her family in California and now for new years they went their separate ways. Cody Simpson is headed to Dubai with Gigi Hadid for New Years and Alli went where?

Alli took a trip back home to Australia to spend New Years with hr childhood best friends and some family. We are happy Alli is back in Aussie, she hasn’t been there for a few months so it is good to see her reunited with her besties.

Selena Gomez Heads Home To Texas — See The Pics!!


Selena Gomez is taking a break from Hollywood as she was spotted in her home town of Dallas, Texas on Oct. 11th. She was spotted in various places where she was courteous enough to take photos with her fans.

We hope Sel enjoys her trip back home. Check out more pics below.

Jennette McCurdy Shares A Piece Of Her Mind On ‘People’ Magazine’s Home Issue – See It Here!


Jennette McCurdy recently had an interview with People magazine. The star was featured in the magazine’s home issue and Jennette dishes about her place in Studio City, California where she spends most of her time. However, it seems like there was one thing that Jennette told People that she wasn’t very proud of yet the quote stood alone on the page she was featured on.

While the quote isn’t mean, outrageous or provoking, it is something that one may not see as being worthy of a stand alone. Jennette took to Instagram to post the photo and express her own thoughts about it. She wrote:

“A piece on me and my home in the latest @People magazine home issue. “I picked out all my own furniture, and that makes me proud.” That quote doesn’t make me proud lol.’

Check out the photo and quote for yourself in the photo above and let us know what you think about it by commenting!

Jake Miller’s Homeward Bound In New Video — Watch Now!

jake millerJake Miller had to say goodbye to sunny California several days ago, packing up his gear and making his way back home to Florida. The artist documented his journey from California back to Florida in a new video for you all to view.

Follow Jake as he begins his journey back home, greeted by a mass of fans in a Ft. Lauderdale airport. You’ll also get a behind the scenes glimpse of him at Guava Fest with snippets of his performance and a whole load of fans.

So, relax and check out the video below! You never know, there’s a chance you’ll catch a peek of yourself if you were at Guava Fest!

Jake Miller’s Memories Of His California Dreams — See The Memory Collage Here!

jake millerJake Miller is officially leaving the beautiful sunshine of California to head back to the beaches of Florida. He’s sad to leave, but shares some great memories with us in this great collage above. Some of the memories include his VIP visit to Warner Bros. Studio, hanging out with Jason Derulo, chilling with Miley Cyrus backstage at one of her Bangerz Tour concerts, studio moments and just being in California period. The artist says on his Instagram:

“I can’t believe we’re leaving LA tonight 😭 it’s been the most amazing 4 months of my life. A truly life changing trip that has made me a better person and a better musician. While I’ve been out here, I made close to 50 songs, I went to the Grammys and the MTV Movie Awards, I was in the studio with the best artists/writers/producers in the world, I met and hung out with some of my favorite artists, and so much more. However, the only reason I came out here in the first place was to record new music…and holy shit we have some SMASHES. The best songs I’ve made to date. I can’t wait for you guys to hear them. Everything is about to change real real soon. The take over is upon us 😜 GET READY!!!!! Florida see ya soon, Cali… I’ll miss the πŸ’© outta you”

We’re sure California will miss Jake, too! Not to mention we all can’t wait to hear all those fantastic songs he was able to create while visiting!

Have a safe trip home, Jake!

Joe Jonas + Blanda Eggenschwiler: Sporty Duo Spotted Out In L.A. — See The Pics!

The couple who gets sporty together, stays together! If you know how to play nice, that is. And Joe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler were looking extra nice when they were spotted getting out of Joe’s Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and heading into their place in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday (April 23).

Once again, the duo was sporting athletic styles — just like after their lunch at Newsroom Cafe yesterday — with Joe wearing a crew neck tee, Under Armour shorts, and Nike sneakers, and Blanda in a black dress, leggings, and Nike kicks, too, with a Varsity-style jacket thrown on top, her hair once again pulled back into a tight bun.

Check out the couple’s comfy workout style in the gallery below now:

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Jake Miller’s Last Day In the Studio

jake millerJake Miller’s been in California for the last four months working on music in the studio. Now, it is time to say goodbye. Jake will be leaving sunshiny Los Angeles tomorrow.

Is he heading back home to Florida? We don’t know, but perhaps he’ll be back one day. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see what he’s been working so hard on while in the studio! Hopefully, we’ll find out real soon!

Freestyle Jam Session With Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo — See Video Here

joey gandolfo jake millerJake Miller and Joey Gandolfo are back with another freestyling jam session. Only this time, they didn’t kidnap the camera to record it. Jake and the guitarist decide to chill out on his balcony last night (March 10th) and freestyle, cause for Jake, there’s “Nothing like a jam sesh during a Cali sunset”. So, check out the jam session here and tell us what you think!

Jake Miller’s Bagged Up

7abb14a8a70311e3a04a12011bcf227e_8No matter how many silly faces or pics Jake Miller presents to us, this one has to top them all! The singer is giving us quite a huge laugh, but at the same time exposing some six-packed eye candy for our viewing pleasure, holding his guitar close next to him. To think he topped off this sexy body pic with a brown paper bag covering his face with the tweeted message “No caption needed”. Does it bring the quality of the pic down? Not sure, but either way, at least he’s smiling which is an important part of a quality picture!

Jake Miller & Joey Gandolfo’s Late Night Jam Session — Check Out Video Inside

Jake MillerJake Miller has many sides to his person, including being suave or serious. But, sure enough, the singer also has quite the silly side, becoming even sillier when around friends.

Late last night (March 4th), Jake and his guitarist Joey Gandolfo made sure their hilarity was recorded for all to see, though it becomes even funnier when the camera is supposedly “kidnapped” by them after their director, Edgar Esteves, leaves them in the house. The singer says for the Instagram video:

“This is what happens when @edgaresteves leaves the house and me and @thisisjoeyg kidnap his camera lol late night jam sesh… The actual video is about 30 mins long.”

You can actually catch a small portion of the video below! Leave a comment to let us know what you think of it!

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