Lea Michele Enjoys A One-On-One Hike With Her Boyfriend — See Pics!

lea micheleGlee star Lea Michele enjoyed yet another hike today, September 7th in Los Angeles. She was joined by her always handsome boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, holding hands.

Lea seems to enjoy hiking a lot. Otherwise she just adores the great outdoors.

See more pics of Lea and Matthew below.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spend The Weekend Together!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been spending more and more time together as of late. This past week, the duo was spotted attending a Bible study and a movie together, and according to sources things are going very well! So well in fact that Justin and Selena spent the weekend together.

Check out this video of Justin rocking some dance moves… can you catch Selena laughing in the background towards the end? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below. Is “Jelena” back together?!

Lea Michele’s Morning Hike

Bj6nXx-CUAA8GV_There’s no better way to start the day than being in the great outdoors. Especially when you’re heading out on a nice morning hike. For Lea Michele, it was a “perfect way to start the day”. Lea looks so happy in this picture she tweeted, and it must be the fact she was able to spend some time with her mom while hiking.

What a great way to stay fit! Do you enjoy a good hike every now and then?

Jake Miller’s L.A. Hike -Pic Inside- @jakemiller

8b631db685ff11e38cc01267c9f280f9_8Sometimes you need to go outside and breathe in that fresh air when you’ve been cooped inside for too long. Have ideas on what to do once you head out into the grand outdoors? Jake Miller and his girlfriend Madison Bertini had a great idea and went for a hike yesterday in Los Angeles, overseeing the beautiful city and enjoying themselves. Their friend Edgar Esteves also joined them on the hike, most likely the one who took these two great pics of Madison and Jake together. During their hike, Jake also mentioned some fans around the area as well.

Such a lovely couple they are, right? And a great view of L.A. was captured in the process. Do you enjoy hiking? Give us details on your favorite hike!

Dove Cameron Reveals How She Keeps Fit

Dove shapeDove Cameron’s secret to keeping her body looking good and fit has been revealed tonight on Twitter when she posted this photo of her and a friend out for a hike. Dove in her tweet said that she had hiked 10 miles. That is a ton of miles. We believe that we would die if we tried hiking that far. That is why they make automobiles 🙂

We hope Dove had fun on her nature hike.

Ten mile hike with this creature.

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