Help Shawn Mendes Figure Out Where His 2015 Tour Dates Will Head To — Details Here!

shawnSo, Shawn Mendes will be heading out on tour next year in 2015! Awesome!

But Shawn had plans for #SomethingBigOnChristmas, saying he wants his fans help to determine his 2015 headlining tour dates and he’s asking for everybody to chime in where he should be heading to!

So, make sure you head to and help him out!

VIDEO: Help Feed America With Alli Simpson & Radio Disney!

alliDuring this time of season, it is a well-known time for giving to others. And that’s why Alli Simpson and many Radio Disney crew members would like you to join them in Feeding America. Help Feeding America provide food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, to those who really need it the most.

Check out their message about Feeding America below! Will you help? For more information, “be inspired” and head HERE.

Miley Cyrus Starts “Dear Jesse” Project, Asks Fans To Join In! – Details Here!

dear jesse

As we all remember, Miley Cyrus brought homeless youth Jesse Helt as her date to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards where he made a touching speech that got to all of our hearts. Unfortunately, Jesse was sadly arrested shortly there after, but Miley is doing all she can to help Jesse as well as millions of other homeless youth in the US and worldwide who struggle.

Miley took to her Facebook page on November 3rd to let fans know how they can contact Jesse and send him their support. Miley says, “Show your support for Jesse and other homeless youth! Send letters, questions and drawings for Jesse to! We will send him your letters and share his answers to some of your questions soon! #dearjesse” She went to on her Instagram adding, “Send letters, questions, poetry, art, ways Jesse inspired you, ways you’ve been involved in our mission to bring awareness and eradicate youth homelessness using #dearjesse 💖💖💖”

We think that is a very sweet and thoughtful way to send your love and support to Jesse and spread awareness about homeless youth and their need for assistance. Be sure to send in your letters and keep all people dealing with the the difficulty of homeless in your thoughts! Way to go Miley, and Jesse, our thoughts are with you!


Miley Cyrus To Help With VMA Date Jesse Helt’s Legal Fees

As we recently reported, Miley Cyrus’ VMA Jesse Helt was discovered to have a warrant out for his arrest for some past small crimes in Oregon. Jesse has stepped up to his responsibilities and turned himself in, but never fear, his new friend Miley is here to help!

It has been reported that Miley will be helping Jesse with his legal fees and once completed the duo plan to continue to help the many homeless youth around LA and the world.

Trevor Neilson, the president of G2 Investment Group and co-founder of Global Philanthropy Group has issued a statement saying, “Jesse Helt turned himself in tonight to Polk County authorities to address his outstanding legal issues. Miley Cyrus will be assisting him with this process, and they both are committed to working to help the other 1.6 million youth who experience homelessness in America each year.”

We think that it’s wonderful that Miley is standing by Jesse’s side as he works through this time to move on with his life. As Jesse’s mom Linda has said, “God gets the glory and she gets the credit.”

We wish Jesse luck as he goes through this process!

Zac Efron Posts Robert Pattinson’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video!


Since Robert Pattinson does not have any social networks, he asked his buddy and ALS ice cucket challenger Zac Efron to post his video of himself taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Check out Rob’s clip below to see him get drenched and find out who he nominated! Way to go Rob, and thanks to Zac for the help!

Ashley Tisdale Wants To Educate The World – Find Out How To Help Here!

Did you know that 250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills? Want to help end the crisis? Ashley Tisdale took to her website today to help the charity ‘Pencils of Promise’ bring life-changing education to children living in poverty around the world.

Ashley posts, “Getting an education is an important part of life, but unfortunately not every child has access to something we sometimes take for granted. Pencils of Promise’s purpose is to build schools, train teachers and give those children a chance to learn in a passionate environment. So make a promise to yourself today to give back what you can, even if it’s just spreading the word for a great cause. It’s the effort that makes the most difference. Or find out how you can donate to Pencils Of Promise here.”

What a wonderful cause! Be sure to spread the word with your friends and family or donate to help make a difference just like Ashley spoke of today!

Kevin Jonas Helps In Search For Missing Friend

th (1)


Kevin Jonas took to Twitter this morning to help in a very important cause. One of Kevin’s friends Katrina has gone missing. 😦 Kevin and Katrina’s friends are looking for her everywhere and even posting her photo to Instagram to help aide in the search. To help bring Katrina home, go here for more information and to view her photo on IG:

Our thoughts go out to Kevin and his friends during this time. We hope Katrina is found very soon!!


Miranda Cosgrove Dives In With Oceana To Protect Dolphins — View Pics & Videos Inside

Have you ever looked at the ocean and saw the beauty of it? How about the animals that live within those waters? Those animals that live in our oceans can either be harmless or threatening, but some of those animals are actually being harmed by humans. One of those animals is the Atlantic dolphin and Miranda Cosgrove has stepped up in wishing to help them.

In Bimini, Bahamas, Miranda joined up with Oceana, an organization focused on ocean conservation, to film a new Public Service Announcement (PSA). The focus of the PSA is about how seismic airguns can easily harm the dolphins. The seismic airguns, which are blasts of compressed air, are used for mapping oil and gas deposits under the seafloor. However, they drown out sound which is used by dolphins to find food and communicate with others causing injury or even death.

While filming the PSA, Miranda was able to enjoy time with these beautiful creatures watching them play, swim and sing to each other, an enjoyment she felt was one of the best experiences in her life. She says, “Swimming with wild dolphins made it so clear that these intelligent and social animals need their use of sound to survive,” said Cosgrove, “and I’m so happy to be working with Oceana to protect them.”

If you wish to join Miranda and take part, head here:

Check out the PSA below starring Miranda Cosgrove, with an extended version included with more information. Also, make sure you check out the beautiful picture slideshow of Miranda and her new friends, the dolphins at the end of your viewing! Let us know how you feel about all this in the comments!



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