Find Out Miley Cyrus’ Dating Rules Here!!

Ever dreamed about going on a date with Miley Cyrus? Well, get ready to be put to the test! Miley recently told Heat magazine her dating rules. Think you have what it takes to date miss Cyrus? Well check out her rules before and see if you would make the cut!

NUMBER 1: You’ll have to sign a confidentiality agreement in which you can not talk about the relationship and definitely not about any breakup.
NUMBER 2: You must first speak to her assistant in order to arrange what you’ll wear on the date, what to do, and what you can talk about, and definitely no gifts or flowers.
NUMBER 3: No getting too touchy feely or stand within two feet of her.
NUMBER 4: Please leave your phone, camera and any filming devices behind before the date.
NUMBER 5: You must be submitted through a background and criminal record check beforehand.
NUMBER 6: You must “be a drop-dead model-worthy, six-pack-owning hunk”

Ok, ok, we’re pretty sure that Miley is just joking with us all! But, do you think those rules are too much? Weigh in with your thoughts on Miley’s list in the comment box below!

Little Mix Takes A Stand Against Bad Journalism!

Today, July 15, the girls of Little Mix made a stand against uninformed journalism via their shared Instagram account.

The photo posted was of a feature on them in Heat magazine titled “Lonely Perrie feels pushed out of Little Mix.”

The girls had a lot to say to the ridiculous accusations within the article:

“It brightens our day to see the great level of ‘journalism,’ research and ‘sources’ Heat magazine and Lucy Vine bring to the media.  We’ve never read such rubbish!  We have not fallen out, there is no rivalry or tension, we grow closer every professionally and as friends every single day and we guess it should be taken as such a compliment that people resort to stories like this to try and bring us down. Photographed leaving Sony from one of the most fun live streams we’ve done so far, as a four, yet according to Heat with ‘NO PERRIE’ is just one of the manny ridiculous lies in this article. Thank you so much for gracing us with a two-page spread in your glorious magazine.  And Lucy, we suggest you take up writing children’s stories…that or fiction seeing as your so good at writing bullshit.”

It must be hard enough being in the spotlight so much, imagine seeing articles written about you that you know is completely false.  The four girls have become the best of friends since their X-Factor days, they are all beautiful, and make such amazing music together! Hang in there girls, we are all here behind you!

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